Our haze situation has been causing inconvenience to our lives, I must say.  It is difficult to ignore the fact that I might be facing some minor asthmatic issue. The lack of good air quality that we are so used to (lucky us), is making Singaporeans stay indoors more often to avoid taking in too much unhealthy air. However our indoor air quality has also been affected with the bad air pollution. 

How can we remove the haze in our houses and allow our families to have access to good indoor air quality? LG Electronics’ (LG) newly launched LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier provides the ideal solution to protect families against the harmful effects of haze.

The air purifier removes invisible air pollutants of up to PM 1.0, and in so doing enables homeowners to enjoy fresh indoor air. Also offering connectivity options through Google Assistant, users can connect the air purifier to the LG SmartThinQ® app, using voice commands to check on the indoor air quality and change the air purification mode at home. Users can even control the air purifier remotely via their mobile devices through the app, which makes it easier for our ladies to use even when we are busy doing housework!

360-degree Purification: Absorbing Pollutants Wherever It is Placed

Cylindrical-shaped with Snow Flake Air Holes to achieve a unique 360-degree air purification, the LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier offers modern aesthetics that has garnered recognition from international awards, including the Reddot Award 2017, iF Design Award 2017, International Design Excellence Award 2017 and more.

The design allows for an all-round flow of clean air at home, thoroughly filtering air within the space of the room it is placed in. Its distinctive feature of 360-degree absorption and discharge enables the air purifier to deliver clean air even at low areas where toddlers crawl, ensuring that all family members enjoy clean air for their wellbeing.

A Wider Reach with Clean Booster

Located at the top of the air purifier, the LG PuriCareTM Clean Booster feature removes dust faster than conventional air purifiers and can deliver clean air to a distance of up to 8 metres. This allows the air at home to be cleaned quickly and reach far ends of the room once the purifier is on. Upon activation, the clean booster operates at whisper-quiet sounds thanks to LG LoDecibel technology, providing a clean and conducive environment for our families.

Six-step Filtration System That Removes Six Types of Pollutants

The main pollutant in haze is particulate matter, and along with other pollutants that can cause respiratory symptoms with long-term health implications.

LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier’s 360-degree filter uses a six-step filtration process which eliminates six major types of pollutants. The first three steps remove allergens and filter over 99% of extremely fine dust. The next three steps remove harmful substances of smog, peculiar smell found in a new homes which are the causes of sick home syndrome, and living odors.

Smart Indicator for Keeping Track of Air Quality

LG PuriCareTM provides a real-time reading of the indoor smell and particulate levels with its smart PM 1.0 and gas sensor, displaying the air quality through light indicators with green indicating clean air, to yellow, orange and red for highly polluted air levels. Based on the air quality, the air purifier automatically sets the air flow and operation cycle.

The LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier will retail at S$1,099, and is available at Best Denki, Courts and Harvey Norman. Let’s fight against haze!

For more information, please visit: https://www.lg.com/sg/air-purifier/lg-AS60GDWV0

Key Specifications:

LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier



Sept 2019




Air Quality Detection

PM 1.0 & Odor

Applicable Area




Air Volume


Power Input


Noise (Max / Min)

50 / 25 db

Operating Mode

3: Booster / Normal / Smart

Fan Speed

5: Auto / Low / Mid / High / Turbo





Touch Panel

Cleanliness Indicator

4 Colors

Smart Home Appliance

Smart ThinQ® Application

iOS / Android

Air Quality Monitoring


Remote Control


Smart Diagnosis™


Publish Notification


On/off Scheduler


6-Step Total Care

Total Allergen HEPA Filter

Large Dust, Ultra-fine Dust, Allergen

Total Harmful Gas Care Filter

Life Odor, Formaldehyde, Smog-causing Material


Smart Inverter Motor


Clean Booster


360 ° Purification


Antibacterial Nano-ions


Smart Indicator

PM10 / 2.5 / 1.0, µm/m3

Off Timer

2 / 4 / 8 / 12 hr

Child Lock


Filter Change Alarm


Remove Controller


Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)

360 x 597 x 360 mm



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