As a female driver, I have been criticised by my friends that my driving is not “steady enough”!  Do you have the same experience? Honestly, a question I often ask myself is how can I drive more safely? Singapore has been launching many initiatives to allow us to be able to take notice of safety issues when it comes to driving. ComfortDelGro Driving Centre has also taken their step forward by utilising technology to improve the driving education system.

Class 2B Riding Course

On the 6th of September, Ah Ge Li Nanxing and Constance Song picked up bike-riding skills and enrolled with ComfortDelGro Driving Centre’s Class 2B Riding Course in September last year.

Both artistes Nanxing and Constance completed over 20 riding lessons and obtained their Class 2B Licence this year. Attributing their success to ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, Nanxing said: “The Centre was able to customise the riding lessons to our hectic schedule and provided one-to-one training. My instructor was very experienced and patient. I am glad that I will be able to ride a bike should future acting roles require it.”

Even our female artiste, Constance said: “I’m happy to have been able to obtain a riding licence! The whole experience has been nothing less than wonderful. Thanks to ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, I can now ride a motorcycle!”

Currently enrolled in a Class 2B Course, Julie added: “It’s not easy learning to ride a bike, but the ComfortDelGro Driving Centre instructor has been very patient with me.”

Drive Safe Course and Ride Safe Course

Li Nanxing, Constance Song and Julie Tan will be taking up ComfortDelGro Driving Centre’s Drive Safe Course. Taking up the Drive Safe Course to Julie Tan was nothing short of an epiphany. She had, just two weeks ago, experienced a horrifying car crash in Italy. Although the car was totalled, and Julie had to be extracted out of the vehicle, she did not sustain any major injuries. It dawned upon her to not take road safety for granted and the Drive Safe Course serves to remind her so.

The Course utilises the Driver Development Tool, a unique visual-based management software that comes with a portable in-vehicle logging system, cameras and advanced sensors, all of which work together to collect performance data during a training session. Vehicle handling, road cornering and traffic navigation skills of a driver are analysed, detailed in graphs and then profiled into retrievable data. The entire training session is captured on video to heighten learning retention. Drivers can watch their mistakes on playback immediately after a session and take steps to correct mistakes such as sudden accelerating and braking, improper hand position on steering wheel, insufficient scanning of the environment, tailgating as well as failure to check blind spots or signal correctly. This has allowed even our female drivers to feel comfortable while learning to drive.

Mr Lim Tien Hock, CEO of ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, said: “ComfortDelGro Driving Centre builds its entire business model on safe and responsible driving. The idea behind the Drive Safe Course is to utilise our customised Driver Development Tool to help drivers assess their driving skills and improve the way they drive. Besides offering driving services, we also have Ride Safe Courses to help riders improve the handling of their machines in various road situations. We are very happy that Nanxing and Constance have obtained their Class 2B licences, and our instructors are committed to helping Julie obtain hers through our well-structured training pedagogy. We are also encouraged by the positive role models set by these media artistes in wanting to continue to hone their road craft skills. We hope their actions can inspire many other road users to do likewise.”

Good News!

From today until 31 December 2019, the fee for the Drive Safe Course is $214*. Similarly, the Ride Safe Course, which aims to facilitate continual learning and inculcate a safety mindset into motorcyclists, offers three levels with fees starting from $53.50*.

Both the Drive Safe and Ride Safe Courses are open to the public to register. Details of both courses can be found on www.cdc.com.sg.

*Promotional prices inclusive of GST.

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