Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul. When you feel like your day is not going well, always have delicious meals to spice up your day. Sharing is caring for our community especially when it comes to our favourite local F&Bs!

In this special column called the “TLC x Food Series”, we will be featuring local delicacies and you will be able to have special access to promotions and new signature foods for your tastebuds to enjoy!

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The Brand Story

“Your World Is Your Imagination”

As a visionary, artist, author, culinary stylist, and photographer, Chef Janice Wong’s philosophy is a continuous inspiration for her world of edible art.

In September 2011, she fashioned seven amazing edible art installations that completely transformed the studio space: with edible items as her only tools, Janice conceptualized and designed edible installations such as marshmallow ceilings and gumdropcovered walls. She has since been commissioned by galleries, restaurants, and clients both locally and overseas to craft interactive art.

Playing with a multitude of colors, textures, flavors and even perceptions, her strikingly unconventional artworks are constantly evolving as people interact with them. Her ideas are threaded by a commonality: a pursuit for perfection in imperfection, and an appreciation of imperfection in perfection, presenting an artistic, gastronomic world of flawless imperfection and flawed perfection. Such is the beauty of art and Janice Wong’s creations.

They have recently released their wide variety of chocolate boxes with different quantities for gifting! The boxes are beautifully designed and consist of elegantly designed and delicious chocolates. The flavours of the chocolate are specially crafted with specific and handpicked ingredients to ensure that the chocolates suit everyone’s taste buds. You will definitely find your favourite flavor in it!

Chocolate Review

The Valentine Chocolates Boxes of 9 priced at $39 each are all beautifully designed each with their own colour mix and using the rose and heart shape to symbolize valentine’s. I was pleasantly surprised by each flavor as it brings me through a roller coaster ride. My personal favorite that I was definitely shocked by was the Bergamot Orange. I expected more of a sour sweet mix due to the Orange but it was definitely more towards the sweet side and I enjoyed it very much.

The other flavors such as Chardonnay and Jasmine matcha also appealed to me due to how special and flavorful it tasted, making it stand out from the typical chocolates that we usually buy from common brands!

Another flavor that I had a lot of fun trying was the praline poprocks. If you do not know what poprocks are, you should remember popping candies! Yes, it is the same candy that creates a popping sensation in your mouth. I was happy to be able to experience that in this specific chocolate and it made me smile while enjoying it.

Even though Valentine’s is over, these chocolates will still make a perfect gift to express your love for your other half throughout the year. If you want to give it to your family members, fear not as they also have other designs for their chocolate boxes! You will definitely be able to find one that is suitable for you as a gift.

You can visit their website https://www.janicewong.online/new-allproducts to find out more on the prices of the new products!

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