Tudung is the Malay term for a headscarf or veil that is worn over the head to cover the hair, neck and chest areas while leaving the face exposed. Known in Arabic as the hijab (which means “barrier”), the tudung is considered an important part of the Islamic dress code for Muslim women. It can also be seen as a signifier of Malay Muslim women identity.

Veiling, or covering the head with a piece of cloth, was a common practice among ancient Roman, Greek, Zoroastrian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Sumerian and Byzantine women. In modern times, Indian, Jewish and Muslim women still continue this practice.

The Malays are the second largest ethnic group and are the original settlers of Singapore. Because of that, the Malay culture has influenced other ethnicities that arrived later.

I chanced upon a business that caught my attention. Alia Demelda is the founder and creator of “It’s a Wrap”. Unlike the normal tudung that drapes all the way to the shoulders, covering the chest area, It’s a Wrap has it in loud colours and its wrapped upwards! This creates a modern and stylish look while maintaining the muslim dress code.

It’s a Wrap is created to inspire women across generations and cultures to be confident and bold in expressing their individuality through a fashion style that has been around for centuries. Their materials are meticulously sourced from across the world to embrace the true essence of multiculturalism through fashion.

With bolder, louder and prints, this makes the look outstanding and extremely suitable to ladies who has been containing their passion for fashion. These colours look so good in photos!

Not just a Mompreneur with two beautiful boys, Alia is also the General Manager of The Emcee Academy, a course created by the Flying Dutchman and Chris Henson. The course aims to build confidence in potential emcees as they go into details of what an emcee needs before stepping up onto the big stage. On top of these, she is also a singer and entertainer!

For more information, head over to www.aliadwraps.com and www.theemceeacademy.com to learn more!


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