Dressing up the bump yet staying fashionable can be quite a challenge, especially towards the later stages of the pregnancy. Pregnant moms may still have to go to work, meet clients and dress presentably with their maternity wear. Not forgetting about some events such as weddings that we may have to attend with our bump. How can we stay stylish, wear comfortably yet not burning a hole in our pocket for our new closet?
Here are some suggestions on how you can still look good during your pregnancy.

How To Stretch Your Dollar When Choosing Maternity Wear?

  1. Stretch-Wearing Your Clothes As Long As You Can

To prevent your pocket from burning holes, STRETCH your normal clothes as long as it can fit your bump. Do not worry about those body-hugging clothes, embrace your bump! So, wear your normal clothes for as long as it is possible.
  1. Shop For Dual Function Clothes

There are many maternity clothes all come with nursing access, so even after when you have given birth, you can still wear them. Some super mama breastfeed their kids till 3 years old or even older, so that is how long your maternity clothes can last you. The shelf life of your maternity clothes can be longer than what you expect, if you purchase clothes with dual function.
  1. Rent Clothes For Formal Events Or Wedding

It will be a waste of wardrobe space and also a deep cut from your pocket if you buy all of your clothes, especially for formal events. Why not rent the clothes then? It will be budget friendly, and you can still get to try a variety of clothes for the various events. There are many places that do rental of maternity wear.
  1. Rearrange Your Wardrobe

This is the best time to sort out your clothes, before you got too many clothes idling in the way. Make way like a mini wardrobe for all your maternity clothes. And you might be surprise to find some airy-clothing that could fit your bump. Not only that, when you are at your third trimester, you wouldn’t want to see your old clothes as it might cause a mini mental breakdown – how can I even fit into these clothes with my growing bump? So within the mini wardrobe, you are still able to select comfortable clothes.
  1. Do Not Throw Away Everything After Birth

DO not chuck your maternity clothes into the bin or give them away immediately after birth. Give yourself some time to return to your previous body shape. Don’t get too excited to throw oversized clothing. In fact, some oversize clothing might still look trendy on you.
Recently, I found Stillen Maternity wear to be one of my favourite choices for this pregnancy. Stillen Maternity started off to dress the working moms and moms-to-be with chic professional wear that are nursing friendly. One of the unique points I like about their collections is that they are so friendly for everyday-wear. It is a combination of style and comfort altogether – you don’t need a lot of time to dress up and look good!
Their clothes come with nursing access, which means these functional maternity wear can last me even after I give birth. That is how versatile their range of maternity wear is!
Stillen Maternity

Left – Wearing Blackett – Collared Shirt dress
Right – Wearing Matilda – Collared Midi Shirt Dress

Stillen Maternity

Wearing Tayla – V necked jumpsuit (Teal)

Stillen Maternity, Love Baby Bump, Jump Eat Cry

Wearing Nadiya – Mandarin Collar double panel layered shirt dress

These gorgeous pieces are suitable for both work and play. Isn’t it great that I can look fashionable dressing my bump, without compromising on the comfort? I love them!

Good News!

Bianca- Two way pleated skirt dress (with removable pleats)

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Jemma – Two toned layered Midi dress (Green)

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