Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul. When you feel like your day is not going well, always have delicious meals to spice up your day. Sharing is caring for our community especially when it comes to our favourite local F&Bs!

In this special column called the “TLC x Food Series”, we will be featuring local delicacies and you will be able to have special access to promotions and new signature foods for your tastebuds to enjoy!

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The Brand Story

House of Seafood started in a small restaurant located at 180 Yio Chu Kang Road. Founder Dato Francis Ng, saw elderlies picking up cardboards by the roads to earn a living. He passed them some money, but the elderlies rejected his kind gestures. Thus, he decided to come up with a seafood restaurant in order to provide job opportunities for elderlies as restaurant waiters and waitresses did not require any minimum qualifications in order to work!

At that point in time, his good friend was also looking for a job. His friend told him that he only knew how to cook black pepper crabs! To date, he prepares their famous black pepper crab!

Food Review

For crab lovers, House of Seafood’s Black Pepper Crab is a must-have in your dine-in menu! Frequently voted Top 1 amongst the locals, their black pepper crab remains one of the best-kept secrets by Singaporean foodies. Fresh succulent crabs saturated in their home-crafted black pepper sauce will deliver a smooth and robust flavor that lingers for days!

The base of the Black Pepper Crab is moist and pasty. It is not as peppery as it looks which creates a huge surprise with its taste! The crab meat is tender and juicy because of the freshness of the crab! I love how they top it up with crispy lotus chips to elevate the look and taste of their classic dish. Needless to say, this is definitely the dish that created the brand! Priced at $48 per piece (600-800g), this award-winning black pepper crab is a must-try!

Another off the menu to recommend will be the House of Seafood’s Salted Egg Crab. If you are a huge fan of salted egg dishes, you will probably finish this the moment it arrives! The flaky crab is doused in rich salted egg yolk sauce, infused with chili mixture for a slightly spicy kick. Generous in amount, luxurious in taste, sensuous in visuality, heartening in nutrition, it is the golden choice for families and lovers!

To add to the order for 4 pax, we highly recommend the House Special Fried White Bee Hoon with XO Sauce. The mouth-watering taste of the wet bee hoon compliments the seafood additions. We all know how bee hoon absorbs the sauce soaked with it. So do expect a burst of flavors in your mouth!

Another choice of food at House of Seafood will be their Handmade Beancurd with Chef Special Sauce. Knowing that the tofu is made in-house from scratch using soymilk makes it a really healthy choice! I truly enjoyed the silky smooth texture of the tofu together with the crunchy cucumber shreds and fluffy pork floss in one bite!

New Outlet

There is really a vast variety of options here at House of Seafood! Be spoilt for choice when you are there! House of Seafood opens a new outlet at Clarke Quay so do check it out if you enjoy an outdoor dining experience!

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/sghouseofseafood
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HouseOfSeafoodGroupOfCompanies

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