We help people live their best lives through food that’s good for the body, great for the soul. – YOLOFoodsHealthy Delicious Asian-Inspired Pre-Packed Meal - YOLO Food

Healthy Delicious Asian-Inspired Pre-Packed Meal – YOLOFoods

If you have not heard about the convenience of a healthy yet delicious variety of Asian-inspired pre-packed meals, you are definitely missing out!

Explore a 5-day long gastronomic journey, where you will receive daily flexible deliveries of YOLOFoods’ tasty and healthy pre-packed meals. The delivery includes mains, sides, snacks, and tea tailored to your own personal fitness and wellness goals, Whether you prefer eating clean for a balanced diet, beginning the journey of weight loss, retaining muscle mass with low carb and high protein meals, or aiding your transition into a vegetarian diet, the meals are catered to your needs and convenience! 

Healthy Delicious Asian-Inspired Pre-Packed Meal - YOLO Food

Healthy Delicious Asian-Inspired Pre-Packed Meal – YOLOFoods

Looking to bust the myth that healthy eating means restricting yourself to boring, tasteless, and expensive food options, YOLOFoods brings affordable, delicious, and wholesome meal plans that are exciting, yet taste familiar and comforting. Their most popular pre-packed meals include the best-selling Cauliflower Rice with Herb Chicken & Spinach Egg, Herb Chicken & Roast Potatoes, Rendang Chicken with Brown Rice & Curry-Roasted Cauliflower, and Thai Basil Minced Chicken with Brown Rice!

How Do YOLO Meal Plans Work?

1. Pick your meal plan

Have a goal you desire? Do you want to lose weight, energize or maintain your wellness? YOLOFoods meal plans are carefully designed by a Certified Nutritionist and Executive Chef to help you reach your goals with no compromise on food and taste!

2. Choose your calorie target & meal plan subscription duration
Pick your daily calorie target then select how long you want to commit to the meal plan. The longer the meal plan subscription is, the cheaper it gets!

3. Choose your meal delivery dates
After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email to further customize your meal plan. While you are personalizing your order, you can also plan out your meal plan delivery dates. It doesn’t have to be every day, it’s up to you! 

4. Enjoy and repeat!
Open your door when the meal delivery arrives, heat up, share it on Instagram and enjoy. See the difference in your goals, and plan out your next target! Ready to order? Click here!

Healthy Delicious Asian-Inspired Pre-Packed Meal – YOLOFoods

YOLOFoods menu also changes often to ensure that you will never be bored and always have a variety of power-packed meals to choose from. In cases where you are unsure of what works best for you, seek their recommendation for meal plans. 

Under the YOLOFoods brand, YOLOFoods provides a unique approach to healthy eating, reimagining food, and local dishes, with healthy ingredients and wholesome nutrition. Its nutritionally balanced power-meals are developed in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Dietician and International Olympic Committee qualified Sports Nutritionist Jane Freeman,  and is founded on the simple but powerful philosophy of “good food that’s good for you”.

Healthy Delicious Asian-Inspired Pre-Packed Meal – YOLOFoods

YOLOFoods is also all about flexibility. If it is difficult to commit to a full 5 days in a row for the program at the start, YOLOFoods would be able to arrange deliveries on the days that suit you. Start your journey today!

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About YOLO

We know that food is an experiential thing. From the order interface right to your first bite, it should be a delightful one. That’s why we go all out on service — the kind that ensures communication is clear, food tastes great, and delivery is according to your schedule.

Our team also believes that healthy eating should be accessible to everyone and made convenient. That is why at YoloFoods we thrive to give back to the community whenever possible. We also believe it is everyone’s responsibility to care for mother earth, so we do our best to source our ingredients with sustainability and our carbon footprint in mind.

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