Happy International Women’s Day to all our readers in The Ladies Cue Community!

Each year on 8 March annually, International Women’s Day (IWD) serves as a reminder of the strength of women, our beauty, our families, our careers, and businesses. It is a day to celebrate the steps we’ve all taken in a positive direction. The Ladies Cue loves the opportunity to celebrate women leaders, employees, role models, family members, bosses, best friends, colleagues, and the list could go on!

However, it also serves as a stark call-to-action to all the ways in which we haven’t made progress – women’s rights, education and literacy, boardroom imbalances, pay inequality, societal stereotypes, and the lack of diversity and representation in its several forms around the world.

Women around the world have been raised above the confines and constraints imposed upon them by society. Throughout centuries, women have challenged and won against several patriarchal impositions and oppression!

Every day, women around the world experience less opportunity than men in education and employment, and less political representation. While countries like Singapore recognize the need for gender equality and women’s empowerment, there are still many countries where women do not have a voice.

This year’s IWD theme is #ChooseToChallenge, with the following shared on the official #IWD2021 website:

Living in Singapore, we are extremely lucky to witness women in Asia stepping up to fight and to fulfill their dreams. We have gender equality that gives us a chance to balance career, family and life all at the same time. Through our Fempreneur column, we have seen remarkable women shared their stories and achievements. Many would agree that their achievements serve as inspiration for all women and Singaporeans, and milestones for future generations to come!


Together, we can begin to undo the culture of perfection. Combining that with building a community of sisterhood, we can be and create anything! Stay tuned to more Fempreneur features as we continue to celebrate women every Monday this March 2021!

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