Golden Moments Launched Sister-Brand Long Da Ge introduces its new Mala Xiao Long Xia - Fiery Mini Lobster Crackers

Long Da Ge, the newly launched sister-brand of homegrown durian artisan Golden Moments, introduces its first product line of Mala Xiao Long Xia – crunchy bite-sized classic lobster crackers with a fiery twist! In the coming Chinese New Year, you can treat your friends and relatives to a fiery snack that will get them addicted in no time!

Golden Moments Launched Sister-Brand Long Da Ge introduces its new Mala Xiao Long Xia - Fiery Mini Lobster Crackers

Well-attuned to changing consumer palates, Golden Moments goes the extra mile to cater to local taste buds by meticulously adhering to a 100% authentic Sichuan Mala recipe that originated from China in the 19th century. The crispy and savoury cracker is made with fresh small lobster that accentuates the rich lobster flavour of the classic Singaporean snack. Well-seasoned with dried Sichuan red chilli pepper and peppercorn, every bite promises a full kick of spices melded with umami flavour to ignite the senses.

The spice is definitely going to be a favourite of our Singaporean spice lovers as there has always been a lack of actual spicy and tasty crackers in our hometown. I am not particularly a spice lover, but a fan of Mala so this cracker is on top of my list of snack recommendations for my relatives. It is spicy but still endurable for me, and the mala flavour is a complete replication from our favourite dish!

Golden Moments Launched Sister-Brand Long Da Ge introduces its new Mala Xiao Long Xia - Fiery Mini Lobster Crackers

Long Da Ge’s masterful recipe of fire and spice was forged from countless conquered challenges. Inspired by the founder’s passionate love for mala and prawn crackers from his childhood, Long Da Ge was also built on the founding values of empowerment and a desire to keep the flame of life alive, to “Be Fearless. Be an Overcomer” in the heat of challenges. 

Both Long Da Ge and Golden Moments are available at https://goldenmoments.sg/. Long Da Ge is also available at FairPrice Finest Exclusive from January 2022.


1 x packet (100g) – S$9.80
3-packet Bundle (300g) – S$29.40
5-packet Bundle (500g) – S$49.00

Instagram: www.instagram.com/longdagesg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LongDaGeSG

About Golden Moments

Golden Moments is a homegrown brand with a mission to create products that celebrate iconic Singaporean flavours and treasured relationships. Through seasonal durian treats such as their widely-known signature Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake series, and classic snacks such as Ma La Xiao Long Xia under its newly launched sister-brand Long Da Ge, Golden Moments hopes to gather families and friends together and encourage them to slow down their hectic lives and make time for the ones that matter.

Golden Moments believes in nothing but excellence and is committed to setting the gold standard and satisfying discerning taste buds. With the team’s innovative spirit and keen attention to detail, the brand provides quality assurance in its products and seeks to create stunning delicacies with an emotional connection, igniting the senses and leaving customers with 100% pleasure.

For the past 3 years, Golden Moments has been advocating its mission and achieved critical acclaim amongst local fans. Moving forward, the brand hopes to further advocate its brand essence of treasuring Golden Moments and celebrating relationships, expanding the brand’s presence overseas to delight and satiate curious palates, taking pride in creating an impactful Singaporean brand.

  • Golden Moments saw a 100-200% year-on-year growth since its launch in 2017
  • Despite no pop-up booths, Golden Moments hit a 7-figure sales revenue in one month
  • Pioneer of durian mooncakes in Singapore
  • Brand trademark across 8 countries, namely Thailand, HK, Singapore, Vietnam
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