Chronic stress has become one of the world’s number one health concerns and presents a new challenge for skincare. Products are now expected to provide a scientific solution to the negative effects of stress. 

GIVENCHY Ressource - The First Moisturizing Anti-stress Skincare Range

GIVENCHY Ressource – The First Moisturizing Anti-stress Skincare Range

Givenchy is a brand that we are all familiar with. Their new series focuses on the level of going against the impacts of stress, which will, in turn, boost our skin’s moisture level.

Givenchy Innovation Drawn Straight from Nature

RESSOURCE is the first moisturizing anti-stress treatment which, in addition to correcting the harmful effects of psychological fatigue on the skin, rebalances its moisture content to provide a complete action and absolute comfort. They are rich in natural ingredients and created to work with the skin and minimize any additional reactions. 

The Beauty Moss Complex®: The Intelligence and Strength of Nature

Containing at least 96% natural ingredients*, the formulas in the RESSOURCE line are designed to be compatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive. They have created the BEAUTY MOSS COMPLEX®, an antidote against damage to the skin caused by environmental and emotional stress which contains natural ingredients such as moss and everlasting flowers. Moss reactivates the flow of water through the skin to keep the cells perfectly hydrated and the everlasting flower helps to retain the water found naturally in the skin and strengthens its barrier to stop moisture from evaporating.

An Eco-Responsible Approach 

Givenchy’s jars and bottles used for the RESSOURCE line are also made of recyclable glass or plastic, and the two materials can be separated when the product has been used, so recycling them is easier, helping the environment

3-Step Moisturising Anti-Stress Routine

  1. Prepare and SootheGIVENCHY Ressource - The First Moisturizing Anti-stress Skincare Range

GIVENCHY Ressource – Soothing Moisturising Lotion Soothing Moisturising Lotion ($44) is the first essential step in the skincare ritual, this lotion is enriched with soothing and calming liquorice extract, which complements the benefits provided by the BEAUTY MOSS COMPLEX®. Apply using the palms of your hands or a cotton pad to soothe the skin and refine its texture.

2. Fortify and Protect 

GIVENCHY Ressource - The First Moisturizing Anti-stress Skincare Range

GIVENCHY Ressource – Fortifying Moisturising Concentrate

Fortifying Moisturising Concentrate ($66) is the second key step in the moisturizing routine, this concentrated serum is enriched with an extract of passion fruit oil to keep the skin nourished, strengthened, and better protected. The skin is left stronger and perfectly moisturized, better equipped to fight the effects of daily stress. 

3. Moisture up to 72 hours 

GIVENCHY Ressource - The First Moisturizing Anti-stress Skincare Range

GIVENCHY Ressource – Velvet Moisturising Cream (Top), Rich Moisturising Cream (Bottom)

Velvet Moisturising Cream (Normal to Combination skin) ($66) is the final step in the daily moisturizing routine. Light and fresh, the Velvet Moisturising Cream is designed for normal to combination skin. Day after day, the complexion regains the beautiful, natural radiance of healthy and well-hydrated skin. 

Rich Moisturising Cream (Dry Skin) ($66) is the rich version of the cream that provides extra nutrition. Bathed in just the right level of hydration and perfectly nourished, the skin is once again soft and soothed. It is fortified and ready to deal with aggression while radiating a beautiful natural glow.

Visit https://www.givenchybeauty.com/ for more information about the RESSOURCE range.

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