We all know Christmas is the season of giving and is the best time to show your appreciation to your colleagues which have helped you one way or another. It is also the season for us to know how much we care for one another and how thoughtful we are.
After all, you spend almost 40 hours a week with them, so a good thoughtful present goes a long way over at your workplace. It may not be easy to choose the perfect gift, so let me crack my brain for you on what are the 3 thoughtful gifts you should get for your colleagues, and 3 gifts that your colleague may not love receiving!

3 Thoughtful Gifts

  1. Hammock Footrest

To be able to feel comfortable while at your workplace is a luxury, with this hammock footrest you are able to bring your colleagues’ comfort to the next level. Padded with soft memory foam, it allows your colleague to feel comfortable when they have a long day at work. Not only that, it is portable and can be used on airplane ride as well. They will be thinking of you not only at their workplace but during holiday as well.
  1. Infuser Water bottle

Health is wealth, isn’t it? When your colleagues are healthy and happy, you will be healthier and happier too! With the rising trend of people consuming infused water, infuser water bottle will come in handy. Being able to capture the goodness of the fruits, the infused water helps to increase energy and relieve fatigue. Perfect in the workplace!
Always “dabao” your food back to office to avoid lunch crowd? Reusable cutlery set is a must-have! It comes with a full set including straws and cleaning brushes. Not only that, you are promoting environmental sustainability as they use reusable utensils instead of single plastic use. Do remind them that these are reusable and not for single use!

3 Gifts People Might Feel “Paiseh” To Reject

Disclaimer: These are the least popular gifts I have received so far. You may or may not like it, but most colleagues will feel obligated to accept these gifts and they may not like them!
  1. Hand Cream

Honestly, I don’t usually purchase my own hand cream as I cannot finish using them. A tip to those that have huge number of hand cream. Don’t throw it away, but apply massive amount on your feet and wear socks overnight. You will see the next day, you will have a pretty smooth heel.
  1. Coffee Cup / Mugs

You will definitely have received a mug as a gift before, but how many mugs can we use in the office? One cup/mug can used for a good 5 to 10 years unless you break it. The extra cups will be chucked one side in a dark corner of your cupboard.
Pro tip: You can use the mug to be a pen holder or brush holder at your dressing table.
  1. Body Wash Gift Set

To take a shower more than 15 minutes is a luxury to busy mothers like me – Most Singaporeans are unable to enjoy the body wash gift set. If you do not use it, why not pass it on to someone at the thrift shop instead of letting it occupy your storage space?
Afterall, it is the thought that counts. Even if you have received any of the 3 “paiseh” gifts, it is still better than not receiving any! Let’s count our blessings!
Show your love to your colleagues through any of the 6 gifts above <3
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