What are gatherings without alcohol? Gatherings and celebrations have been awesome with these little bottles of gins. I have the practice to bring gifts to my friends’ houses when they host gatherings. This set of gin from Singapore Distillery is a very convenient and practical gift for parties!

When I received this gift, the bottles were well wrapped in bubble wraps as a set. I like how it is small in bottles which look cute and attractive. The alcohol content is 42.5%! This is a great drink, especially for parties and gatherings. Most importantly, it is refreshing and has a variety of flavours to taste and drink.


One bottle of the gin can fill up a shot glass just as shown in this photo. I am sure this one-shot will give a huge boost to the drinker. If you like to drink shots with your friends and family, you can get these as shots!

The Singa Gin has 13 spices and Herbs. It is a great combination of fragrance!

‘Singa Gin’ is the distillery’s classic London Dry Gin and features a botanical blend including juniper, cloves, mandarin orange, Ceylon cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon grains of paradise, angelica root, key lime, coriander, orris, cardamom, liquorice, and Sarawak pepper. Distilled using a mixture of vapour-infusion and maceration, the resulting gin boasts layers of flavours.

This gin is distilled with all the ingredients, like oranges, cherries, angelica, pineapples and limes, needed to make a Singapore Sling. Singapore sling has a herbal aftermath taste. 

Kyuri means cucumber in Japanese. Kyurin Gin is distilled with Fresh Japanese Cucumbers and Sakura Flowers. This flavour is sweet, fragrant and refreshing!

Distilling fresh coconut hearts, freshly grated coconut and pandan leave together with the usual gin botanicals give this gin a fragrant and creamy taste.

This Lime Garden Gin is distilled with a trio of South-East Asian limes, limau kasturi, limau nipis and limau purut. This gin has a herbal taste and a flowery scent.

I tried all these flavours without any mixers and it is not the best way to appreciate these gin. To truly enjoy the drink, pair them with your soda water!

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Singapore Distillery was set up with the goal of making great spirits using Asia’s greatest resource, its herbs and spices. Letting the world experience the amazing flavours and aromas of Asia.

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