Giant, one of Singapore’s leading food retailers under the DFI Retail Group (DFI), on 8 Oct announced its first-year anniversary of the Lower Prices That Last campaign with the introduction of even more essentials that customers buy the most of, with a promise to keep them low into 2022! This move is a reinforcement of Giant’s commitment to supporting customers during these challenging economic times with lower prices that will stay low despite rising inflation rates.


As part of the anniversary celebrations, customers can look forward to the expansion of lowered priced items to almost 700 key essential products across fresh, grocery, personal care and household essentials, as part of its long-term campaign to deliver Lower Prices That Last.

Based on feedback from customers, Giant will be adding 260 more popular essentials across selected fresh and grocery items to its Lower Prices That Last campaign which include:


Based on customer data over the last year, Singaporeans continue to stock up on specific food essentials so customers will be thrilled to discover that Giant remains committed to keeping the prices low of the following favourites:

Commitment To Being The Customer Champion 

Despite increasing commodity and supplier cost pressures across the board, exacerbated by global fluctuations brought on by the pandemic, Giant remains steadfastly committed to helping Singaporeans weather these difficult economic times by keeping the prices of essentials low and keeping them low, even in the face of inflation.

Giant is also currently supporting the nationwide distribution of grocery vouchers to families affected by the pandemic with an additional $10 voucher for customers who use their $100 vouchers at any outlet. In addition, the supermarket chain also extended its senior citizen discount programme earlier this year, committing to a 3% discount storewide for all seniors on all weekdays until 31 December 2021, so that they no longer have to rush in on certain days

Chris Bush, DFI’s Chief Executive Officer for Southeast Asia Food Business said, “We know these are tough times for everyone, and our customers are facing a myriad of growing cost concerns, from job security to rising inflation rates.”

“Therefore, as part of our ongoing commitment to being the customer champion, we continue to work very hard to drive savings where possible, leveraging our strengths as a leading retailer with our scale in global sourcing, working closely with our suppliers, maximising supply chain efficiencies with a laser focus on delivering the best value to our customers.”

“We will continue to invest in this programme beyond the end of this year into 2022 to further deliver on our customer promise of keeping prices lower, and now for even longer!”

Chris Bush added, “As we celebrate the first Anniversary of our Lower Prices That Last campaign, we have proven that these are not short-term promotions but long-term price reductions on the products that matter most to our customers. We are incredibly pleased to be able to support them for even longer than projected with this campaign because we know that it’s the little things that make a Giant difference!”

A Win With Customers

Year-on-year, Giant’s continued investment in keeping prices lower for even longer, the food retailer is fast becoming a favourite amongst Singaporeans as it closes the gap to become the best value retailer.

As value-savvy customers welcome these even lower prices for even longer, Giant is also reporting a major uptick in its in-store footfall and volume sales of up to 10%, which is testimony to positive customer acceptance and feedback that Giant has been receiving.

Giant customer, Mrs Grace Cheong said, “I know I can count on Giant for everyday great prices for my daily essentials, and I don’t have to go searching for the various promotions every weekend, which is tiring. At Giant I know I’m able to get the most of my weekly shopping budget which is really helpful as I have a very tight budget”.

Another Giant customer, Mr Adam Razak said, “Not only is it one of the best prices around, but I also get to enjoy the senior citizens discount available to us all week. Lower Prices That Last has helped my family save quite a lot over the last year which I could then spend on other needs, and I am so glad we are still able to enjoy these lower prices as times get even more difficult.”

What Else Is New

In addition to over 260 products added to the Lower Prices That Last campaign, Giant is also launching over a hundred brand new products in fresh such as:

●  Ipoh Sweet Potato 1KG – $2.70/pk

●  Thai Tom Yam Set 200G – $2.25/pk

●  Malaysia Wing Beans 250G – $2.35/pk

●  Asam Leaf 100G – $1.25/pk

●  Turmeric Leaf 50G – $0.95/pk

●  Taiwan Tea Leaf Mushroom 100G – $2.15/pk

The Giant Halloween Shopping Cheat Sheet For Parents On A Budget

With less than 2 weeks till Halloween, we thought we’d put together a shopping list to help prepare you for the occasion, along with Giant’s shockingly good savings. Whether you’re going all out with the pumpkin carving and trick & treating or planning a low-key affair, Giant’s Lower Price That Last campaign promises to keep prices low till 2022. How low? We are talking about an average of 20% lower for your everyday essentials.

Here are some of our top Halloween picks on a budget:

For your ghoulish Halloween bakes

For your ghoulish Halloween bakes


For your ghoulish Halloween bakes –

  • Prima Plain Flour (1kg): $2.20 (Was: $2.50)

  • Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda (454g): $1.50 (Was: $2)

  • Meadows White Granulated Sugar (800g): $1.50

  • Meadows Salted/Unsalted Butter (195g): $3.25 (Was: $3.50)

  • Meadows Full Cream UHT Milk (1L): $1.95 (Was:$2.50)

  • Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix – Chocolate (430g) – $4.10


For the mighty trick & treaters

For the mighty trick & treaters


For the mighty trick & treaters – 

  • Meadows Belgian Milk Chocolate Mini Sharebag (175g): $3.60 (Was: $4.50)

  • Cadbury Crunchie (180g): $4.35

  • Meadows Assorted Biscuits (1kg): $5.25 (Was: $6)

For the aftermath

For the aftermath

For the aftermath –

  • Walch Antibacterial foaming hand wash (300ml): $2.65 (Was: $3.70)

  • Feathersoft 2-Ply Kitchen Towels (4 rolls): $2.85 (Was: $3.95)

  • Feathersoft Wet Wipes (3 x 10 sheets): $2.60 (Was $2.75)

This October, Giant’s Lower Prices That Last celebrated its one-year anniversary of helping customers get the best value for their money. With Halloween and other upcoming festivities, customers can look forward to an even wider array of everyday essentials for their household.

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