This upcoming school holidays, apart from staycation, sailcation, exploring places of interests and having fun in Singapore. Are you looking for bootcamps or academic programme to get your kids ready for next year?

Future Sparks is an ethical learning academy. They teach their students to be global citizens who are critical thinkers and self-aware. They create a positive environment for their students to be themselves and speak up.


Holiday Programme (Nov/ Dec)
  • K1 & K2 Prep for Primary School

Designed to stimulate your child’s senses and inspire them to learn through vivid storytelling and imaginative group activities. Your child will be immersed in a world where boundaries do not exist and where colours are brighter.

At the end of the week, parents will receive an overall assessment of your child’s English and Mathematics ability. The report will indicate whether your child has hit necessary milestones such as recognising numbers and sight words.

  • Public Speaking and Confidence Building (P1 to P6)

Public speaking and effective communications are some of the most important life skills that a child should be exposed to as early as possible. The ability to articulate your thoughts concisely and accurately is an advantage that can be felt from school to work.

This programme is designed to build confidence, develop empathy, polish communications, strengthen collaborations, and improve presentation.

  • Excel in English Bootcamp (P1 to P6)

This boot camp is designed for students who want to lay the foundation and be prepared for the upcoming academic year. Lessons will focus on developing a student’s mastery of grammar, comprehension, and composition writing.

Term Programme (Jan – Mar 2021) 

  • Excel in English (P1 to P6)

The English flagship programme is thematically based and is guided by their Ethical Education Framework i.e. students have the opportunity to discuss current affairs such as sustainability, accepting differences, cyberbullying, and climate change. These themes are chosen to provoke an intellectual response to encourage them to evaluate and assess issues in a holistic manner. Students can learn better and more effectively through the Cognitive Learning Process – a proven teaching methodology where students learn through stimulus and responses. Their programme leads to:

    1. Deeper comprehension: Discussion of real-life issues makes learning immersive and promotes comprehension. Thus, the students develop a deep comprehension of the subject and mastery of the language

    2. Enhanced creative writing: The themes will expose students to a diverse range of topics and world issues. It allows students to draw from a well of knowledge for their composition writing.

    3. Improved articulation and presentation:  Being involved in discussions more, students learn to articulate their thoughts concisely and confidently. A critical life skill in every part of life.

    4. A love for learning: Promotes long term learning as it allows students to connect previous knowledge with new materials. It makes acquiring new knowledge exciting and fulfilling

  • Math Master (P1 to P6)

The Mathematics flagship programme aims to reinforce what was learned in the previous year to take on more complex and challenging concepts in the coming year. It cultivates efficiency in problem-solving through heuristic math – a proven mathematical technique that trains the mind to identify the process of problem-solving efficiently and effectively. The programme reinforces the techniques through the Cognitive Learning Process by making Mathematics interactive, hands-on, and applicable in real life.

Students will learn concepts such as data visualisation through optimising the use of pie charts and bar graphs and data analytics through observing patterns. Their programme leads to:

1. Comprehension of concepts: While rote learning can be effective, understanding the fundamental concepts is a vastly superior method to master Mathematics

2. Real-world application: Students can connect the dots between topics being taught and understand the importance of Mathematics in daily life

3. Increased efficiency: Through heuristic math, students can solve problems faster and manage time better during exams

4. Deeper Appreciation for Mathematics: The interactivity of our programme means that Mathematics is not a 2D problem but a 3D opportunity to deepen their skills

Please contact Future Sparks Learning Academy directly for other dates. Click here for overall view and fees. 


Their team members are treated with respect and dignity, and with kindness and generosity. They also create a sustainable ecosystem where they pay it forward and support local enterprises.


  • Small classes size (6 to 8 students)
  • Proprietary thematically based curriculum designed to develop critical thinking through the cognitive learning process
  • Learning through comprehension and mastery of concepts – not just rote learning
  • Passionate team and teachers
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Curated books at their in-house library


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Tel: 69663168

Email: hello@futuresparks.com.sg

Address: 197A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574341

Opening hours: Mon to Fri – 10 am to 8 pm; Sat – 9 am to 7 pm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/futuresparkssg

Instagram: www.instagram.com/futuresparkslearningacademy

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