First-Ever HALAL Korean Buffet – Stamford Catering

First-Ever HALAL Korean Buffet - Stamford Catering
First-Ever HALAL Korean Buffet – Stamford Catering

Muslim friends and non-pork consumers, rejoice! With the resumption of all-out and self-serving buffets after 2 to 3 years of pandemic restrictions, Stamford Catering has launched a halal-certified all-Korean buffet spread, becoming the very first caterer to do so in Singapore.

Hala-Certified Korean Buffet Catering

The Daebak Korean Buffet Spread has two menus, priced at $18 and $22 for a minimum of 30 and 25 pax, suitable for corporate events and large gatherings. The Daebak Korean Party Set also has two menus, priced at $200 and $240 for a minimum of 10 pax, aimed at smaller gatherings and home lunch/dinner parties. 

First-Ever HALAL Korean Buffet - Stamford Catering
Kimchi Fried Rice by Stamford Catering

You can find popular Korean dishes such as bulgogi, fried chicken, and japchae (stir fry glass noodles) on the menus. Personally, their Kimchi Fried Rice and Dakgangjeong (Sweet & Crispy Korean Fried Chicken) were the ones that stood out from the rest. The Kimchi Fried Rice was quite fragrant with little pieces of the firm and crunchy prawns in it. It was also slightly spicy, good for those who can only take mild spice.

First-Ever HALAL Korean Buffet - Stamford Catering
Dakgangjeong Sweet Crispy Korean Fried Chicken by Stamford Catering

As for their Dakgangjeong, though it was no longer crispy by the time it arrived, the tenderness of the chicken made up for it, and the cashew nuts complemented the dish well with their nuttiness and textural contrast. 

“Interest in Korean food has been growing in Singapore since the Korean drama “Jewel in the Palace” was aired in Singapore in 2005, but less is known about the principles of Korean cuisine,” says Chef Nam. “Korean cuisine traditionally consists of rice, vegetables, soup, and a variety of side dishes (banchan), which makes a complete meal, but it is also very much about the communal values behind the bold and satisfying flavors that Singapore has come to love.”

Going Halal

SBCD Korean Tofu House’s Chef Kelvin Nam from Korea, and Stamford Catering’s Executive Chef Chris Ong have collaborated to curate a menu absent of pork and adheres strictly to the preparation and handling of halal food, all without compromising on the principles and taste of Korean cuisine.

Pork dishes are very common in Korean cuisine. In fact, it is almost the center of it all. Chef Ong revealed that extensive R&D was key to ensuring the authenticity of its menu – from replacing pork with other proteins to formulating the halal version of Seafood Pancake’s dough which took days of hard work and effort to attain the perfect texture and taste.

“In the last three years of unprecedented loss and separation, the principles and communal values behind Korean cuisine resonate more deeply. I hope these menus help us reconnect at the buffet table at the coming year-end festivities, now extending an invitation to non-pork and halal diners, too,” says Chef Nam.

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About Stamford Catering

With over 20 years of catering experience, Stamford Catering is a leading Halal-certified caterer that provides customers with top-quality food and services. Their extensive and innovative menus are competitively priced and tailored to suit a diverse group of household and corporate customers. They have catered for major events such as the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, StanChart Marathon, OCBC Cycle and many more.

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Select Group is the leading food service provider to people from all walks of life in Singapore for over two decades. The Group has extensive experience in the F&B industry with substantial brand presence in Chinese fine dining, events catering, institutional catering, Vietnamese casual dining, themed food courts, and quick service restaurants that are managed by thousands of dedicated staff trained in all aspects of the food service industry. 

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