My hectic lifestyle and climate changes lead to dull skin. Using skincare products which not meant to my hyper sensitive skin worsen my skin conditions.

Just as I am looking for a solution, I am blessed and experienced an awesome facial therapy – ATACHE Soft Derm by the renowned one-stop service beauty salon, Allure Beauty has been established since April 2002. Allure Beauty Saloon provides one-stop beauty services and is renowned for their Golden Ratio Eyebrow Embroidery, eyelashes, eyeliner and lip liner embroidery.

The moment I stepped into one of their 5 outlets located at City Square Mall, #04-, I was greeted by their warm smiles and led into this cozy facial therapy room with soothing music.

Beauty therapist, Joe checked and explained thoroughly about my skin conditions and suggested to use ATACHE Soft Derm Facial Therapy that is meant for all skin types, especially for Sensitive & Dehydrated Skin like mine to help Sensitive Repair & Protect with Anti-inflammation and Moisturize. She said that this treatment is very effective to calm and remove redness. 

atache soft derm treatment roomThe entire treatment took about 1 hr 30 mins and Joe gently removed my make-up with an oil base make-up remover. This make-up remover has jojoba and avocado oil and works gently well on my skin.

I thought I am going to have those kinds of traditional steamer and extract after using the sensitive cleanser to cleanse my face. Surprisingly, need not to, as Joe applied the ATACHE Renewal Therapy Gel to soften the skin and open up the pores instead. She said that this would be better for my sensitive skin condition and followed-by ATACHE Toner to close up my pores instead.

After using the acupoint massaging my face with serum, I enjoyed the most relaxing and calming part of the shoulder massage and the mask treatment.

Lastly, Joe applied the ATACHE moisture and sun screen which is Soft Derm Intensive Defense 8SPF to complete the entire treatment process.

Here’s the before & after pics:

before & after atache
I feel so refresh and rejuvenated after the facial treatment, having my face revel in soft, clean and revitalised! My face looks much brighter and make-up just naturally turns up much better for the past 1 week. I am impressed with overall results.

A Short Introduction of ATACHE

ATACHE Skin Care Brand is based in Alicante, Spain. It has been developed by the pharmaceutical group-ASAC PHARMA. The group has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical field, with a strategic focus on Dermatology and allergies. Its main forte lies in the research and investigation of active ingredients originating from European and American medicinal plants. A truly professional skincare line with advanced skin care solutions! In fact, ASAC owns cultivation fields in Central America, which allows for a tight control on quality plants, from seeding, harvesting, processing of extracts, and manufacturing the finished product. They do not experiment with animals, and strive to preserve the environment throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. Each product line is made for specific skin care needs.

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