“For the first time, we will be holding a virtual edition of Goodman Open House, to provide audiences with opportunities to explore and experience art activities, in an intimate and safe manner. As Goodman Arts Centre is surrounded by lush greenery and is home to an ecosystem of artists, it is natural for nature to feature prominently in some of their artworks. Through a series of digital programmes, we hope to expose audiences to the work of our resident artists and arts groups, and encourage them to appreciate the relationship between nature and art,” says Ms Dorothy Neo, Centre Manager of Goodman Arts Centre.

Following the last physical edition in 2019, Goodman Open House returns in 2021 – virtually. We can discover how nature inspires art, pick up some art making skills and explore visual art work in the virtual edition of Goodman Open House 2021. From 12 March 2021, there will be a range of programs for all to enjoy, from the comfort of our homes. 

Connect with Art and Nature at our Goodman Community Farm (GCF) Series

The Goodman Community Farm was reactivated and redesigned, as part of a collaborative partnership between Goodman Arts Centre and Cultivate Central in November 2019. This space provides a conducive environment for artists and visitors to engage in community gardening, urban farming, hand-on workshops and provide opportunities for collaboration.

Through a series of five digital videos, audiences can get a glimpse of how nature in this farm inspires the work of Goodman Art Centre’s resident artists.

  • Hear from one of Asia’s leading modern sculptors, Han Sai Por on how nature around Goodman Arts Centre has influenced the shapes and forms in her works.
  • Fascinated by comic art? Grab some paper and pencils, and start doodling away. Jerry Hinds from the Association of Comic Artists Singapore will explain the process of developing characters and storylines in comics. He will also share how his encounter with James Khoo, a bug enthusiast has inspired his work as a comic artist.
  • How can storytelling enrich our lives and those around us? Hear from storyteller and creative producer of StoryFest, Kamini Ramachandran as she shares about being a pioneer in the field of storytelling and how nature has inspired her craft. She likens the process and time in nurturing a garden, to that of mentoring her young storytellers.
  • Ever wondered how we can create social impact through visual arts? Tune into the founder of Mural Lingo, A’shua Imran as he reveals more about his work, story behind his collaborations and wall mural in GCF.
  • What is the connection between art, nature and sound? Learn more as local band The Observatory share more about their annual “Playfreely” series and discuss how their sound installations are inspired by solar energy.

Get your Groove on with The Dance Exchange

How can dance be both a means of self-expression and performance art form? Discover the various approaches to dance from Goodman Art Centre’s resident dance groups.

Participating artistic directors:  

Low Mei Yoke – Frontier Danceland

Kuik Swee Boon – T.H.E Dance Company

Aravinth Kumarasamy – Apsaras Arts

Osman Hamid – ERA Dance Theatre

Rachel Lum & Edwin Wee – Decadance

Ricky Sim – RAW Moves

Indulge in a Visual Feast

Explore a range of aesthetically appealing works by Goodman Art Centre’s resident visual artists via our digital gallery. Get up and close with our visual artists as they share the inspiration behind their work and highlights of their artist journey.

Find your Inner Artist

Get your creative juices flowing and gather your kids for a couple of fun arts and crafts sessions. Whether it’s making your own stamp art, creating puppets with reusable materials or painting away, you can pick up these skills from our arts tenants by watching a series of demonstration videos.

Event Details

Goodman Open House 2021 – The Digital Edition 
Venue: Online
Date: 12 March 2021 onwards
Fee: Free

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