Estheclinic: Hair Loss Rescue Treatment Review

Estheclinic is not just known for their IPL hair removal treatments, they also do hair loss treatments too! Sharing a treatment developed specially by EstheClinic to tackle chronic hair loss – the Slow & Regrow Hair Loss Treatment utilizes FDA-approved Low Level Laser Therapy to stimulate the hair follicle regrowth process while slowing down the rate of hair loss.
Estheclinic ConsultationTo see if the treatment really works, I got a friend, Rae (not her real name) in her mid-twenties, currently facing hair thinning and hair loss troubles to experience a treatment package with Estheclinic. First, she had to undergo an initial consultation with the consultant to understand the origin and conditions of her hair loss woes.

The Slow & Regrow Hair Loss treatment is divided in 3 steps:

1) First, the therapist will stimulate the scalp with Le DermaBooster XL to restore strength and health to the hair. Le DermaBooster opens ephemeral micro-channels in the surface layers of the scalp. These microscopic openings allow deep penetration of the active ingredients of ElaDerm hair products and also deep penetration of the light.

2) Then, with the ingredients applied, the Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) was used to deliver a cool laser energy to the scalp tissue to strengthen the hair fibres and stop hair fall. The LLLT stimulates the self-repair of hair follicles and slows down degeneration. This procedure also improves the quality of hair fibre.

3) Last but not least, like most beauty treatments, daily maintenance is the crucial step to lasting effect. ElaDerm hair care products are introduced to replace her daily shampoo.

Based on natural ingredients, ElaDerm hair care products will stop the hair fall and promote hair regrowth. Le DermaBooster is recommended to boost the cellular stimulation and increase effectiveness of the ElaDerm hair products.

Le Shampoing Anti-Chute actives microcirculation of the scalp. It brings to the hair bulb the essential nutrients to stop hair fall and stimulate hair regrowth.

La Lotion Capillaire Anti-Chute activates microcirculation of the scalp and provide essential nutrients to hair bulb to stop excessive hair loss and stimulate growth.

Experiential Review from Rae:

The stimulation of the scalp uses micro-needle-like roller against the scalp and the pain tolerance of individuals may vary. The therapist is very gentle and will often ask if the pressure is ok. This treatment is different from the traditional type of hair loss treatments I’ve went to, and after the initial getting used to, the treatment is pretty ‘shiok’!

There might be some hair loss initally (they are the unhealthy hair), but after a few months, I started seeing some baby hair growing!

From the Therapist:

There are many factors that can determine how soon a person will notice the results. This includes the degree of hair loss and how long they have been experiencing it. But usually, a reduction in the progress of hair loss can be visible within 4 to 8 sessions. To achieve a long-lasting slowdown of hair loss and notice hair regrowth, you should consider 12 to 16 sessions and then consider some maintenance sessions seasonally.

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