When your pace gets fast and hectic, with never-ending tasks and mummies duties, what do you do to help build a reconnection between yourself and your mental health? 

Ever since I had the title of “Mom”, I found myself slowing down my pace to achieve a balance between work and personal life. This means reconnecting myself with the natural environment. Bathing myself in the nature reserve with a walk, and immersing myself in the scent and sound of nature helps me to relax mentally. Having a sun tanning session used to be a norm for me as well. However, these luxury moments are so hard to come by now that I have a newborn.

As a new mom, there are just endless tasks and inevitable stressors that may just cause negative energy to you. I have been since then searching for ways that can be readily available to fit into my new lifestyle with a newborn. So when I was introduced to this workshop conducted by Jason, founder of Scent by SIX, I knew it is something that I need and can easily incorporate into my new lifestyle now.

Establishing Positive Mental Connections Between Scent And Emotions With Scent by SIX

Capturing A Photo With Scent by SIX’s Founder Jason

I was introduced to a glimpse of what it’s like being a perfumer. Jason patiently guided us on the different scent and how to actually fully engage your sense of each scent to see how your body and mind reacts to it. What we were actually doing, is to learn how to create our own scent that our body and mind love. It’s like a journey to reconnect your body, mind, and emotions to find your personal perfect scent.

There were 3 different types of oil that we will need to mix – Top, Mid, and Dry. The top smell is a blend of citrus to me, and from what Jason mentioned, it’s a blend of lemon and ginger, with the smallest particles among the 3. The mid smelled more floral, mixed with a blend of camomile and Jasmine. As most of us know, camomile actually helps to relax our mind and calm our senses. Lastly, we had the dry part, which was a scent that attracted me the most because it evoked my senses as though I was taking a walk in nature. This blend is actually the scent of sandalwood. 

Establishing Positive Mental Connections Between Scent And Emotions With Scent by SIX

3 different blend of Scent

I started off with a general guide on the ratio to add in for the 3 different blends to first see how my body and mind react to it first. I took my time to play around with the ratio of each scent. If you’re someone that prefers a sweeter smell, then you can actually add in more of the mid. But for myself, I always prefer a scent that’s more mild and fresh, so I actually used more of the Top and Dry.

Establishing Positive Mental Connections Between Scent And Emotions With Scent by SIX

Creating My Personal Scent

I really love the outcome of my own personal scent. I actually took down the portion of each blend during the workshop too because in case I ran out of my personal scent, I can always come back to Scent by SIX to ask them to do up this blend of scent for me again!

This workshop is truly very therapeutic and refreshing. It helps me to reconnect my mind and body, bringing it to a relaxed state. For people who actually love something unique and customizable, why not consider this? You can be sure that you won’t smell like others because it is your own unique blend.

Scent by SIX is a local artisanal fragrance label that was made in collaboration with world-renowned perfumers. They have recently launched a new CARE range, a trio of scents at its newest VivoCity outlet. The scents were created in collaboration with the Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) and a portion of the sales proceeds from this range will be donated to CAL This initiative aims to highlight the importance of self-care for caregivers and the resources and support available for them at CAL.

Establishing Positive Mental Connections Between Scent And Emotions With Scent by SIX

Scent by SIX Newly Launched CARE Range

SIX has a range of products that will surely evoke and excite your senses. If you are struggling with a hectic lifestyle, and find it hard to have activities to relax your mind, consider using scent therapy by visiting Scent by SIX. I’m sure you will feel like you just stepped into the realm of heaven.

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