My friends have called me a “Water Guru” because I am highly sensitive to water quality. I cannot drink tap water since perhaps psychological I think it is dirty (with the piping system and high levels of mercury). I cannot drink bottled mineral water because it will make me feel bloated. I cannot drink water that does not suit my taste buds too! This problem amplifies when I travel, so I spend a lot of time looking for natural spring water. Till date, Japan is the only country that I can choose any random brand of water and have no issues.

Our body weight is made up of approximately 60% water. Our bodies use water in cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate our bodies’ temperature and maintain other bodily functions. We lose water through breathing, sweating, and even digestion, therefore it is important to hydrate by drinking and eating foods that contain water.

The amount of water needed by each person differs. How would you know how much water you need? It’s simple. Take your body weight and divide it by 36. The answer would be the estimation of who much water you will need. Eg. Since I am 50kg, I would need an estimated amount of 1.4 litres of water per day!

However, the amount of water needed still depends on a variety of factors. This includes the climate we live in, how physically active we are, and whether we are experiencing an illness or have any other health issues.

Choose Natural Alkaline Water

Tap water has a pH (potential hydrogen) of roughly around 7, which is a neutral pH. Alkaline water is closer to about 8 or 9. The higher the pH level the more alkaline, or basic, it is. The lower the pH level, the more acidic it is. A diet high in fresh vegetables will usually result in greater alkalinity.

Natural alkaline water is created when the water picks up minerals from areas such as springs, as it passes over rocks in the environment. Spring water with naturally occurring high alkaline properties are extremely rare to find. elkali®’s unique substratum (found no where else in the world), lends the perfect amount of essential minerals, which is crucial to elkali®’s pH 8.8 high alkalinity level, allowing it to remain at high level even after the bottle has been opened for long hours.

Formed from rainwater that slowly seeps through underground rock layers, elkali® captures the work of nature in every bottle. With no added engineering nor artificial minerals, this pure natural alkaline spring water is as perfect as nature intends it to be. Because the water is extracted from natural springs, it has a high mineral content of 170 mg/l. This enables us to drink the water at both cold and room temperatures with ease as we enjoy the same great taste with each sip.

I got to know about elkali® at the Sketchers Friendship Walk 2019 event. Initially I was afraid to drink it because I really did not wish to experience any bloated-ness. But I didn’t have a choice since I was so thirsty from the hot weather. The moment I drank it, it was as close to what I had been drinking in Japan! Natural occuring minerals in elkali® water do lend a luxurious taste! I could taste the crisp and refreshing alkaline goodness within that first sip! I know this might sound super ridiculous to you, but try it out. Bring out that sensitive side of you and compare! Because it is worth it, especially on it’s price point!

For more information, head over to www.elkali.com.sg to find out more!

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