A good look should express individual style and make you feel confident and beautiful. Schwarzkopf hair expert and photographer Armin Morbach has created five versatile, strong and sexy hairstyles – “Wow Volume,” “Best Braids,” “Easy Moves,” “French Glam” and “Sleek Chic”. “This year, we celebrate diversity. It’s not about showing perfection; it’s about the small mistakes that make a look truly unique,” explains Armin Morbach. For the celebrated hair stylist, personality is the key to this year’s trends. “Our hair is an extension of our personality, and as personalities often have different facets, different hair styles can emphasize different aspects of who we are. It’s not about how old you are, your hair color, or how long or short your hair is. It’s about how you feel – you can confidently express yourself and be who you are.”

This is the second time that Armin Morbach has not only styled the looks, but also photographed them. “This is, of course, a great honor for me. As a hairdresser, hair is a central element for me. I create a look from beginning to end – from the drawing board to the final photo,” he says.

These five captivating inspirations have also been translated into wearable looks that can be achieved at home. Armin Morbach’s step by step tutorials, which will be featured across Schwarzkopf digital and social media channels, are easy to follow with product recommendations so you can rock “Sleek Chic” today, “Wow Volume” tomorrow and “French Glam” the day after.

Stay true to who you are – that’s the trend for 2019. Schwarzkopf has the products you need to create your own masterpieces and wear them with confidence.

Schwarzkopf Looks 2019 in overview

Wow Volume (Models: Elizabeth Wood, Anna Mila Guyenz, Dani Witt)

Your wish for extravagant volume is granted. Wild, full hair shouts, “Here I am!” Inspired by the sky-high volume of the 80s, “Wow Volume” takes a modern approach with dramatic elegance. “Wow Volume” is a style that turns heads and plays on personality in a big way. “Don’t be afraid of having a lion’s mane. It’s a sexy, dramatic look that gives you confidence – everyday,” says Armin Morbach.

Best Braids (Models: Elizabeth Wood, Kiana Alexis, Anna Mila Guyenz)

Simple, wispy or whimsical, there are so many ways to flaunt braided hair. The trend has been growing over the years, and Armin Morbach believes it’s here to stay. “The braids I wanted to show are influenced by African, Asian and even European cultures and ethnicities,” he says. With infinite possibilities to customize this look, it will continue to take center-stage through 2019, and beyond.

Easy Moves (Models: Nadja Auermann, Dani Witt, Alain-Fabien Delon)

With gentle waves that frame the face, this is a look that works every day – not just for special occasions. Armin Morbach explains: “An everyday look that is still sexy. It is the deconstruction that gives the look an extra kick, so to speak.” Perfectly imperfect, “Easy Moves” is all about comfort and versatility. For long, short or midlength hair, this look is absolutely achievable, and the effortless style is the best complement to any personality.

Sleek Chic (Models: Dani Witt, Alain-Fabien Delon, Nadja Auermann)

Androgynous, strong, unique – with “Sleek Chic,” the focus is on the face. “It is kind of a revival of the 90s’, but wearable,” says Armin Morbach. The slicked-back styles donned by movie star heart-throbs and daring fashionistas in the 90s get a rebellious revival two decades later. Individual beauty is on full display with “Sleek Chic.” “Women don’t always have to have volume to look strong. I love the combination of sleek hair, a nice blouse and good lipstick – it’s something very sexy and it’s a strong look,” he says.

French Glam (Models: Anna Mila Guyenz, Kiana Alexis, Nadja Auermann)

“French Glam” is all about versatility and a casual way of elegance, inspired by icons like Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot or Marion Cotillard. Just as perfect for a wedding day as it is for a weekend at a music festival, this look breaks from its perfectionist reputation to offer your everyday style a little something extra. Taking a step back from traditional, “French Glam” is a new take on the cutesy chignon. “In the past, you needed to wash your hair the day after styling. I think we should use that day to create something incredible that’s even better than the first day,” Says Armin Morbach. The chignon is deconstructed in 2019 for a bold, feminine style that lets you play with your own creativity, from casual to very chic.

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