Jewellery is like ice cream, there is always room for more. And how can we say no to more jewellery in our collection.

This time, local bespoke jeweller La Putri brings us to explore the exquisite world of artisanal Italian Jewellery that speaks of style and quality craftsmanship. The limited-time only meticulously curated artisanal Italian jewellery pop-up showcase from 17-28 October 2019 is stunning in its uniqueness and originality, with most pieces being one of a kind. La Putri is thrilled to present an exclusively-curated Italian collection of prized and elegant jewellery pieces from small, family owned manufacturers. All are handpicked and shipped directly from Italy, to experience the allure of the Italian masterful workmanship.

Revel in the display of distinctive brands of the highest quality including Meini Gioielli Firenze, Gisci and Buzzanca whose pieces are delicately crafted with utmost precision for an elaborate and sophisticated finish. Creating much of the world’s finest wearable art for over two thousand years, the intricate Italian jewellery craftsmanship runs in their blood for some of the most outstanding jewellery pieces. Going beyond just looking beautiful, artisanal jewellery are true pieces of art and craftsmanship that are hard to find today. Each piece is a work of art that lends any outfit a graceful elegance reflective of the bespoke luxury brand of La Putri.

Not just fancy statement pieces, Italian jewellery design weaves in their rich cultural heritage for masterful jewellery pieces. Explore the distinct identities of Italian jewellery that are an amalgam of their unique history, inspiration, design and craftsmanship. They are exceptionally crafted for women of all walks of life and for every generation of the family. Dress up any outfit with a artisanal piece to showcase your impeccable style.

There are more ways than one than to simply wear your unique pieces as an elaborate extension of yourself. Keep them as heirloom pieces, as holders of the special moments in life and pass them down the family line to begin a beautiful collection of stories ensconced in a rich and beautiful legacy.

Having been in the jewellery business for over four decades, La Putri has specially collaborated with trusted international partners in the jewellery trade to curate the upcoming stunning Italian jewellery showcase. As a specialist in bespoke jewellery and the brand’s designer pieces, the showcase of fine Italian craftsmanship adds on to the exceptional offerings at La Putri. Expect one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable precious pieces from the best Italian jewellery ateliers at La Putri’s boutique store in Mandarin Gallery.

La Putri Exclusive Vintage Jewellery Showcase

Date: 17 – 28 October 2019

Time: 11.00am – 8.00pm

Venue: 02-15 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, 238897

About La Putri

The name “La Putri”, reflect its heritage. “Putri”, in the Malay language, means “Princess”. The “La” was to lend a flavour of chic sophistication to the brand. The complete name “La Putri” informs that this is an Asian brand, proud of its roots, but contemporary and relevant, and always on-trend. La Putri’s signature look has fluidity, often organic in form. La Putri is particularly skilled in creating designs which allow for versatility of use, such as earring designs which transform from classic day-wear studs to glamour dangle earrings for the evenings.

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