• 5,000 participants attended Dato’ Joey Yap’s annual Feng Shui & Astrology seminar held at Resorts World Sentosa on 13th January 2019
  • Dato’ Joey Yap shared about the forecasts for the Year of the Earth Boar and shed light on the global economic landscape of 2019.
  • Dato’ Joey Yap highlighted on the auspicious dates to start work in 2019 – 8th , 11th and 12th Feb
  • For the first time ever, Joey Yap collaborated with EZ-Link to release a series of limited-edition EZ-Link cards, available for purchase at the seminar

On 13 January 2019, global best-selling author and world-famous Feng Shui expert Dato’ Joey Yap successfully held his highly-anticipated annual Feng Shui & Astrology seminar at Resorts World Sentosa. As the world’s largest Feng Shui organisation boasting 15,000 sell-outs over 2 days in Kuala Lumpur alone, it comes as no surprise that 5,000 participants turned up for the signature event held at Resorts World Sentosa. Over the next two months, the popular seminar will continue its run around the world in The Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Cambodia and Slovenia.

A voice of authority on all things related to Chinese metaphysics, Dato’ Joey shared insightful forecasts for the New Year during the seminar. He provided a clear overview of obstacles and opportunities that will follow in the coming months.

As the full-day seminar progressed, Dato’ Joey identified several key components of The Year of the Earth Boar and shed light on the world’s economic outlook for 2019. He also highlighted industries that will thrive and the ones that will most likely turn out unfavourable. Depending on the type of industry and its chances to succeed in The Year of the Earth Boar, Dato’ Joey stressed that different forms of impact would be introduced to important life aspects such as personal health, wealth, career, and relationships. He also highlighted the auspicious dates of 2019 and how one can use these dates strategically.

joey yapAccording to him, the Year of the Earth Pig can be summarised into two words: Stable Progression. On a grand political and economic scale, sluggish development will likely be the theme for the first half of the year. However, things are anticipated to pick up towards the latter half of the year, as investments in time and resources during the previous period start to showcase more tangible results.

Given that the vibrancy of the year favours the fire and water elements, industries that will do well include online retailing due to the mixture of fire element (tech/online) and water element (retail). Industries that emphasises high mobility including the water, hospitality, tourism and fast-moving consumer goods sectors are forecasted to face growing potential while the property market will face stagnation. Prices are forecasted to remain sticky while loans from financial institutions are scarce, impacting the purchase of properties negatively. In addition, he also advises tech companies to work on securing their customer base in light of the tighter controls and governance being introduced to the industry.

With all these in mind, he advised participants to always fall back on their individual BaZi charts so as to discern all obstructions in the next twelve months. The BaZi chart provides one with a window to look into the synchronicity of the external energy and what one can offer. For example, the Year of the Earth Boar is a vibrant year and the market favours the new and risky. If one’s BaZi chart comprises the water element, one will be able to handle the new, bold and risky. However, those that has little or no water at all will experience a feeling of lost or discomfort which can be managed by an increase in awareness and willingness to accept change. Get your individual BaZi charts here: http://joeyyap.com/bzchart

Participants were all ears when Dato’ Joey highlighted the key auspicious dates of this year, including 8th Feb, 11th Feb and 12th Feb – all of which are good dates to recommence work and business.

As we enter into the muddy Year of the Boar filled with uncertainty, those that can provide clarity (fire) will be able to shine and leap ahead. Think along the line of technology or framework that can help consumers verify a provider via their online footprints to increase the trust index! Lucky for those born in the Year of the Monkey, Horse, Tiger and Rabbit, this year is forecasted to be a splendid year for you!

Dato’ Joey then touched on the Feng Shui sectors to thrive upon and the ones to avoid in the coming Lunar Year. He also detailed the Flying Stars afflictions for The Year of the Earth Boar and explained how to use Qi Men Dun Jia as a tool for placing people in the right place and time.

joey yap ezlink cardThis year, a series of Dato’ Joey Yap’s limited-edition Mythical Twelve Chinese Zodiac EZ-Link cards were made available for purchase to the public during the seminar. The first of its kind, the series of EZ-Link cards is a unique collaboration between Dato’ Joey Yap and EZ-Link. Personally designed by the renowned expert in Chinese Metaphysics, the series of cards bear the design of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and his 2019 Chinese zodiac predictions!

As the seminar concluded, participants took the opportunity to meet with Dato’ Joey in a book-signing session. The seminar ended on a high note as participants gained the necessary knowledge to embrace The Year of the Earth Boar and make the most out of the new year.

Missed out on the seminar? It is never too late to start learning! Check out Joey Yap’s website (http://www.joeyyap.com) or download the Thriver’s Guide 2019 here (https://joeyyaponline.com/2019) to get started! Make the Year of the Boar 2019 your year!

About Joey Yap

A luminary in his own right, Dato’ Joey Yap’s expertise in metaphysics is well sought after. He has been featured in international media outlets such as BBC, CNBC, CNN, TIME, Forbes and Bloomberg. In 2008, he was listed in the Malaysian Tatler’s Top 300 Most Influential People in Malaysia; and Prestige’s Top 40 Under 40. This year, some 20,000 participants flock to his seminar to hear his expert insights on metaphysics over the 3 days.