Unveil The Anti-aging Beauty Secrets – Black Life Source Skincare Collection of DakiniDeesse From Bhutan

The anti-aging skincare collection of DakiniDeesse, Black Life Source has the unique essences of Bhutan Shilajit. Regarding Shilajit as a national treasure, the Bhutan government restricts and controls the harvest and export of Shilajit each year.

According to the research results, Shilajit provides comprehensive functioning, such as improving vitality, multiplying the absorbance rate of plant-based nutrients, supporting healthy physiological functions, and rejuvenating the internal system.

The primary component of Shilajit is Fulvic Acid, naturally formed fulvic acid is known as “the miracle of nature” which takes at least thousands of years of continuous decomposition in fertile soil. It is an important finding in the fields of beauty and medicine in the 21st century. Due to its small monocle structure and strong penetrability, fulvic acid is highly absorbable for the skin to effectively deliver nutrients and metabolize deposited aging factors, which makes us keep our skin young and healthy.

Our Founder, Jenny, had the privilege to do a product review that was only introduced to close media contacts. “It is not easy to find reliable and quality products in the market that suit my sensitive skin. One of my media friends recommended the “Rejuvenation” series of a limited premium skincare products from DakiniDeesse Black Life Source which I am amazed with the results.“

Just 5 Simple Steps for a Youthful and Rejuvenated Skincare Daily Routine:

Jenny Lee, DakiniDeesse, Black Life Source

DakiniDeesse’s Anti-aging Facial Cleanser

Gently but deeply cleanse without damaging the sebum film. The blend of weakly acidic delicate foam and fragrance of natural essential oils pamper your skin with the soothing feeling and beautiful scents.

Jenny Lee, DakiniDeesse, Black Life Source

DakiniDeesse’s Anti-aging Toner

The anti-aging toner is your best companion after cleansing face, it could replenish hydration and nourish skin in an instant radiance look.

DakiniDeesse’s Anti-Aging Serum

Activate skin regeneration by inhibiting aging factors and boosting collagen production with the special formula of Bhutan Shilajit and Japanese Fulvic Acid. The Serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles, dullness, eye bags, dark spots and sagging face naturally and effectively. Reverse the look of aging and regain youthfulness.

Jenny Lee, DakiniDeesse, Black Life Source

DakiniDeesse’s Anti-aging Face Cream

  • High concentration and special formula of Bhutan Shilajit
  • Japanese Fulvic Acid
  • Extracts of Tahitian black pearl, organic white tea, and rare plants in the Alps
  • Innovatively patented xylitol for balanced moisturizing

Jenny Lee, DakiniDeesse, Black Life Source

DakiniDeesse’s Natural Face Aromatherapy Oil

  • A cocktail of beneficial oils, including organic rosehip oil and organic sea buckthorn oil, which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Deep nourishment for effective skin recovery.

Watch Jenny’s experience using the anti-aging skincare from Dakinideese here:

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