There are many questions we ask ourselves and may not have the answers to all questions. We ask ourselves what can we do to improve our health. Are there reasons why our wealth isn’t increasing the way it should, the fact that we are now working harder? Are we in the right career that makes us happy? Is the business on its right track that will enable multiple folds? Are we making the right decisions in life?

Believe it or not, we actually already have the answers to these questions. Our intuition is always there, but there are ways to learn how to trust it. Our overall awareness will strengthen and allow us greater insight into ourselves and the world. I am sure you have heard or said it yourself.

“I have this gut feeling”, “something tells me”, “my sixth sense says…”

These all describe the experience of accessing your intuition.

Our intuition is an uninterrupted feed to the cosmic mind of the universe. That cosmic mind knows the answer to every question you are asking, and the truth behind every event. It is the absolute authority and you have access to the field of cosmic intelligence. By taking a focus of attention inward and tuning into the presence of cosmic intelligence inside us, this cosmic consciousness will make itself visible, touchable and knowable to all of us.

Cosmic Intelligence, Dennis Chua, Master ChuaA practitioner of Cosmic Intelligence, Dennis Chua has been helping numerous people since 2013. Using his cognitive behavioural reading abilities to foresee life events accurately,  Dennis has relieved many by preventing potential mishaps and shielded them from unfortunate incidents in many aspects of their lives.

Cosmic Intelligence, Dennis Chua, Master ChuaHaving to sharing with you how you are having to unlock your own intuition, Dennis Chua is able to provide you with a 12-months forecasted roadmap for your business/career. With his track record of helping hundreds of individuals including people of high management positions, let him you to achieve your personal success and alleviate the burden of obstacles!


During the time with Dennis Chua, he will provide a customised advice for you:

1. Your suitable choice of career industry

2. Your suitable business partners

3. Your suitable branding theme

4. Your suitable office locations

5. Bespoke Image Advice

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