It is the Christmas Season again – Are you thinking of what to serve your guests? Home cooked or catered? Why not have both this Christmas Season – Eat Better with Grain. 

Grain is a food experience company that offers ready-to-eat meals and catering services with a surprising twist. Designed with heart-warming social get-togethers in mind by Grain’s food product team, consisting former chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants, this year’s Christmas catering menus will delight guests with unexpected combination of fresh ingredients thoughtfully prepared – making good food accessible to everyone. Not only that their prices are irresistible for the food quality that they provide.

Reimagine Celebrations with Grain Christmas Menus

Never the usual and boring Christmas menus, Grain’s dishes are fundamentally rich in nutrition that supports a good mind and body. They contain just the right amount of everything – down to the basics from salt to sugar, to healthier oils and house- made dressings, reflecting Grain’s leadership in advocating better way to eat every day.

Whipped up to best suit customers’ needs, Grain introduces three new innovative seasonal sets this year – the Christmas Party Set, the Christmas Buffet To Go and the classic Christmas Buffet. To further delight customers, all Christmas Party Sets will come with a beautiful carving set for Grain’s signature 40 Cloves Garlic Roast Chicken, adding a breath of festive air to the occasion. Buffet To Go will be served in joyous party boxes, packed in Grain branded warmer bags, while the Christmas Buffet will be set-up along with a surprise station – for customers to express gratitude in this season of giving.

Christmas Early Bird Treats

Starting this month, Grain is rolling out an early bird treat for customers; order a Christmas buffet before 6 December 2019 and receive a complimentary Lychee Rose Yule Log*. From 1 December to 31 December 2019, guests can place their orders for Grain’s Christmas Catering Menus online at https://grain.com.sg/catering.

*capped at 200 guests per event

“We have just formed an incredibly talented food product team to drive the next phase of food innovation at Grain. This Christmas buffet is a taste of the team’s potential,” said Rifeng Gao, Director of Food Product of Grain. “We want to go beyond roast turkey, Santa, and the usual works. Our guest can look forward to a multi-sensory campfire hot chocolate live station, unexpected and delightful ingredients pairing, and a (uniquely Grain) surprise station that captures the spirit of gratitude during this festive season”.

Maple Glazed Whole Turkey *Only available as an add-on

The highlight of any Christmas feast is a roast turkey. This year, Grain is introducing a familiar yet interesting Maple Glazed Whole Turkey. A whole 4.5 – 5kg bird is brined in black tea for 24 hours, stuffed, and then slow-roasted. Each turkey serves 20 and is served with a side of roast vegetables.

Holiday Walnut Cake

End the night of merriment with this loaf of festive goodness speckled with walnut and cranberries; best enjoyed with a helping of rhubarb cherry compote.

Lychee Rose Yule Log

Guests may also opt for an additional dessert from the add-ons list such as the Lychee Rose Yule Log ($42) that serves up to 25 guests. A showstopper dessert, soft airy lychee sponge is frosted with a rose cream and filled with a sour sweet raspberry coulis topped with matcha crumble, freeze dried raspberries, fresh blueberries and cinnamon.

My Favourite highlight is definitely this Campfire Hot Chocolate

One for the chocolate-lovers is the Campfire Hot Chocolate ($4 / guest) *minimum 30 guests. Available as a thoughtful add-on, this Live Station offers cherrywood-smoked cups of warm, decadent hot chocolate (56.5% dark chocolate) with pink salt and torched marshmallows – capturing the feel of a campfire on a cold winter’s night.

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About Grain

Grain is an online food delivery company that manages the whole end-to-end customer experience. We maintain control over every part of the supply chain from the cooking to ordering to delivery, to achieve a great customer experience. Browse through our menu and order food you will love in just a few clicks at www.grain.com.sg, or via our iOS and Android app.