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The season of feasting is finally here! I don’t know about you but somehow I am always giving myself the right reasons (definitely not excuses) to feast! I tell myself that there is no better way than to feast with food made out of great ingredients!

The brand uses the natural spring waters of Hakushu to wash and cook its adzuki beans from Hokkaido. It is this insistence on using premium-grade ingredients that has enabled Châteraisé to become the number 1 confectionery manufacturer in Japan, with a yearly turnover of USD450 million.

Buoyed by its network of over 100 contracted farms, Châteraisé is able to procure fresh, natural ingredients to make its beloved cakes and sweets. The milk it uses comes from grass-fed cattle that lives at a ranch in the Yatsugatake foothills. Feeding the cattle grass ensures that they produce milk that is very rich in flavour. At the factory, the milk is pasteurised for 30 minutes at a low temperature of 65 degrees Celsius — this process ensures that the milk retains its natural composition, flavours and nutrients.

If you haven’t known, Châteraisé is self-sufficient in the production of egg in Yamanashi. The eggs that we use are free from additives. The chickens are given a diet comprising healthy animal feed, which helps ensure that their eggs are low in odour. The eggs are then broken using special machinery at the factories. Local farmers also deliver fresh, sweet and delicious strawberries directly from the production area to Châteraisé. With over 991 million strawberries harvested each year, Châteraisé is very particular about the quality of their strawberries and gets them from contracted farmers all over Japan. 

Châteraisé is proud to announce the launch of its 2019 Christmas Collection! Imported from Japan, the offerings will cater to different palates and include log cakes, premium fruit tarts, themed cakes and even a soy-milk cake that is free of milk, cream, egg and wheat flour! 

The highlight of the Châteraisé collection is the Xmas Fruits Train (S$90). Each carriage of the train is made of a different confectionery. There are roll cake, strawberry Napoleon pie, Gateau Chocolate and fruit cake! Having such a flavour combination would mean that you will be able to please every guest and kid you are hosting for sure! The masterpiece is topped and decorated with whipped cream, colourful cookies and doll-shaped sugar cookies.     

You may also choose to sweeten the holiday memories with the Xmas Crispy Chocolate Cake (S$52), which is layered with chocolate cream, chocolate bar and cocoa sponge. Blocks of white truffles and chocolate ganache add a sophisticated finishing touch. For something that packs an earthy note, go with the Xmas Rich Matcha Cake (S$42). Belying this simple-looking matcha cake is an interplay of textures, from the airy sponge cake to velvety syrup as well as mousse and a wobbly pudding. 

Have a berry joyous year end with the Xmas Premium Japanese Strawberry Tart (S$52), which features a wonderful marriage of no-bake cheese cream, custard, whipped cream and strawberry compote. The tang of the compote cuts through the lightness and richness of the different layers of cream. All the ingredients are held together in a crunchy tart base; white chocolate crunch fences the offering all around.

The Noel Blanc (S$48) comprises whipped cream and caramel chocolate with cereal, all wrapped around a soft and fluffy sponge. The frosting and decorations are made with Belgian couverture (white chocolate). Similar to the Noel Blanc, the Buche de Noel (S$45) is a log cake that has fresh chocolate cream that is layered with airy chocolate sponge cake. 

Velvety and rich, the Xmas Berryberry Souffle Cheese Cake (S$48) is made with French cream cheese, strawberry sauce and mixed berries. The four types of sweet and sour berries complement impeccably with the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth souffle cheesecake.  

Cannot decide which cake to get? Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Xmas Half and Half Cake (18cm-S$52, 21cm-S$62). One half of the cake is topped with whipped cream and the other half with chocolate whipped cream. A cocoa roll cake and custard fresh cream roll, along with edible Santa and snowman sugar confection, round out the line-up. The purist will certainly enjoy the classic Xmas Fresh Cream Cake (S$52), which showcases a melt-in-the-mouth sponge that sandwiches milky cream and sweet-sour strawberry sauce with pulp.

There are also small-sized offerings perfect for intimate gatherings or gifts. The Snow White-bearded Santa Claus (S$7.50) is an almond tart topped with lightly sweetened vanilla mousse, tangy strawberry jelly and strawberry-flavoured chocolate covered cereal. This adorable cake comes in the shape of a Santa — he has fresh cream for white hair, chocolate with cereal for eyes and chocolate for moustache! And Santa will need his companion, the Red-nosed Reindeer (S$6.80). Inside the cake is a medley of almond cookie crunch, fresh cream, chocolate sauce, cocoa sponge as well as dark chocolate mousse made with caramel sauce and chocolate with caramel.

Wearing a chocolate cap, the Happy Snowman (S$6.80) is a sweet made with strawberry-flavoured fresh cream, white chocolate mousse, marshmallow, white chocolate with cereal flakes, sponge and framboise jelly. Equally cute is the Santa Claus Present in Chocolate or Fresh Cream (S$4.50), a cake that is decorated with holly, powdered-sugar Santa and strawberry. The moist cocoa or vanilla sponge is layered with chocolate fresh cream or fresh cream for an indulgent bite. Finally, the Petit Noel in Fresh Cream or Chocolate (S$5.40) is a vanilla or chocolate roll sponge cake with a generous amount of custard-flavoured or chocolate fresh cream.

Besides these new offerings, Châteraisé will also bring back hot favourites such as the Xmas House of Santa Claus Cake (S$95), which was one of the best sellers in 2018. A replica of Santa Claus’s house, the sponge cake is topped with powdered-sugar snow, fruity decorations and chocolate fences. Other returning items include the Xmas Crepe o Fluyi (S$42), Xmas Stage Cake (S$50), Xmas Fruit White Zebra (S$48), Xmas White Souffle Cheese Cake (S$20) and Xmas Strawberry Canvas Square Cake (S$75).

For the first time in its four years here in Singapore, Châteraisé will discount its special family pack of 12 unique ice cream offerings (S$19.50, U.P: S$25.60). The pack features the brand’s top-selling items such as Taiyaki Ice Cream in Vanilla and Uji Matcha, Chocolate Mint Bar, YATSUGATAKE Contracted Farmer Freshly Milked Bar, YATSUGATAKE Contracted Farmer Freshly Milked MONAKA in condensed milk, PURETE TOCHIOTOME Strawberry, PURETE Kyoto Uji Matcha, Hokkaido Butter Serve Ice Cream, Belgium Chocolate Serve Ice Cream, Chocolate Bucky Vanilla Ice Cream,  and new items such as Cream Shaved Ice with Belgium Chocolate and Almond Jelly with Nata de Coco Ice Bar.

All the cakes are available for reservation now. Collection is from 1 to 25 December 2019. The cakes will also be available for sale at the respective outlets from 1 December 2019 onwards. Promotion for the special family pack of ice cream is held from now till 31 March 2020. 

About Châteraisé

Châteraisé prides itself on delivering natural and tasty products at an affordable price. The brand produces its cakes and confectioneries at its own facilities. It purchases premium ingredients, such as fresh strawberries, milk, eggs and adzuki beans, directly from contracted farms. To create its offerings, it uses only quality ingredients, including spring water, European cream cheese and more. It also has in place a strict system to ensure that its products are of a consistent quality and above all are safe to consume.

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