With COVID-19 continuing to spread, the thought of making extra money from home is now a priority for many. We have seen from the news of how the virus outbreak has affected many who are from the aviation sector as well as retail sector

If you have been reading about different online business models to get started with, there is no doubt that dropshipping is one of the options. For over a decade, there’s been buzz around this seemingly simple eCommerce strategy. You don’t have to keep any stocks. Your financial involvement is minimal. In fact, you can start a dropshipping eCommerce store for almost nothing! You don’t have to worry about fulfilling orders and what’s most attractive is that you can run it practically the business from anywhere!

It may seems like easy money, basically you sell other people’s goods and take a cut for yourself. However, when you factor in all the obstacles and day-to-day management, it is far from easy, especially if you do not approach the business in the right way.

You may experience low profit margins since there is no need for you to manage or store your own inventory (low overheads). Profits are largely determined by your traffic, so if you’re building an eCommerce brand from scratch, you’ll be struggling for a while as you build your client base. Not forgetting that because very little capital is required to start a dropshipping business, that low barrier to entry creates a lot of competition. 

May Aries, SuperMom TV, Life hacks 2020, dropshipping, mompreneur, momtrepreneurWhat if there is a STEP BY STEP online mentoring for you to follow and guide you to avoid mistakes made by many dropshippers?

Founder of SuperMomTV and Author of Ultimate Dropshipping Course, May Aries, has put together a step-by-step module which you can follow through to be a successful drop shipper at home. She has built 3 successful drop shipping online businesses that generated a comfortable 5 figure income every month!


In the course, she shared about the fundamentals of dropshipping, what should a dropshipper look out for as well as the steps to creating a brand that allows you to make money from home. What I love the most about the course is that she shows you the cons of dropshipping and how can one solve the problem of dropshipping, such as low profit margin and overtaking competitions.

Learn how to generate up to $400 each day consistently with no capital and zero inventory. The Ladies Cue has the lowest sign up fee exclusively given by May Aries to our readers.

May Aries, SuperMom TV, Life hacks 2020, dropshipping, mompreneur, momtrepreneurThe Ultimate Drop Shipping Course includes:

    • Step-by-Step on how to build profitable Drop shipping businesses using D.R.O.P Formula ( 2 Online Business Models)
    • How to find products and services in demand so that your products sell like hot cakes!
    • Profit Maximizer Secret – The secret to finding product that gives you a minimum of 100% profit margin!
    • How to keep your store ratings Up by making customers happy and satisfied and buy from you again (SECRET Hack & Templates provided)
    • My Secret Scheduling Formula – Upkeep your sales conversion rate hence your store ranking to maximise sales
    • Sales Booster Strategies – How to turn window-shopping customers to buyers with attractive titles and images (templates provided)

May Aries, SuperMom TV, Life hacks 2020, dropshipping, mompreneur, momtrepreneurThere is more! 3 Extra Bonuses (worth $1388) will be given to you!

  • 3 Winning Products (Worth $497)

May Aries, Supermom.TV will be providing 3 winning products for you to KICKSTART your e-store so that you can start earning profits RIGHT AFTER you have setup your account!

  • C.A.S.H Strategy (Worth $197)

May Aries, Supermom.TV will reveal additional income methods that you can get from this dropship model, besides from just selling products online!

  • After Sales Live Support (Worth $497)

May Aries, Supermom.TV and her technical team will be providing you after-sales support for 6 months to hold your hand to success!

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May Aries, SuperMom TV, Life hacks 2020, dropshipping, mompreneur, momtrepreneurTo find out more, contact us at [email protected] with your enquires! Stay safe and stay home while making an income for you and your love ones!

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