Backed by For Beloved One’s enormous R&D advantage, For Beloved Girl, has crafted the most precise, effective skincare brand for the young generation. The first launch of its mineral mask series has introduced the new concept of mineral skincare! Precise formulation of minerals such as copper, iron and zinc target major skin issues, accurately replenishing mineral ions lost in problematic skin while boosting skin health! The high concentration of mineral ions proves more effective than spring water sprays on the market, which may contain varying ion concentrations. Tests prove that one mineral mask equals 1.88 bottles of spring water spray!

For Beloved Girl’s Mineral Mask Series offers enjoyable skincare tailored for the youngsters!

Competition has risen in the mid-priced beauty market in recent years, countries around the world have introduced various mask products. However, mid-priced masks on market vary greatly in its quality. Mid-priced masks mainly target the younger generation, which these young girls are still at their learning about skincare. They usually follow trends when selecting skincare products instead of selecting the right and suitable products for their skin type, which can cause damage to their healthy skin.

For this, the founder of For Beloved One, Margaret Wu, led her R&D team on a five-year journey to establish For Beloved Girl, a precise and highly effective professional skincare brand catering to young girls.

Essential Minerals for Daily Skincare “For Beloved Girl”Sets off New Mineral Mask CrazeSay Bye Bye to the Hassle of Spring Water Spray Several Times a Day One Mask Equals 1.88 Bottles of Spring Water Spray!

The skin contains a variety of trace elements such as sodium, potassium, and copper. When these mineral ions are perfectly balanced within the skin, this helps to maintain healthy skin and enhance skin’s own defenses. However, minerals are lost every day and studies have shown that skin issues such as dullness, dryness, and aging stem from deficiencies in certain mineral ions that must be replenished through skincare. Low concentration of minerals the Spring Water Sprays contain requires application several times a day without necessarily soothing skin or alleviating skin issues.

For Beloved Girl developed six major mineral masks to target skin concerns that are most common in young girls. The masks contain optimal mineral concentrations, one piece of For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask equals to 1.88 bottles of spring water spray. The other complexes and ingredients also work to alleviate frustrating skin issues to end problematic skin once and for all!

A Revolutionary Medium Exclusive to the Younger Generation Ultrathin, Perfectly Fit and Invisible Cloud-SilkBest Choice for Effortless Skincare

4 Major Characteristics of Cloud Silk Mask

  1. 100% High Grade Cotton Linter Cottonseed linter extracted from high quality cotton. Pure, clean cotton fibers as soft as silk. With high ductility and flexibility that do not break or warp easily.
  2. Manufactured with Cloud Silk Cohesion Technology. The newest technology developed by cosmeceutical team – Cloud Silk Cohesion Technology. Ultrafine fibers with spherical face, each even in diameter, for a smooth, soft texture. This enables the cloud silk mask to serve as a carrier for great amounts of serum, demonstrating immediate skincare effects!
  3. Dense Structure Loaded Full With Serum 
Innovative high-tech ultra-dense weave provides the cloud silk mask material with high moisture locking properties while remaining thin and breathable, providing complete induction of highly effective serum.
  4. Effortless Lightweight Perfect Fit to the skin 
Unique precise cut requires no use of any adhesive agents for a perfect fit of the skin contours without missing a spot. The thin layer rests against the skin softly and effortlessly like clouds.

Cloud-Silk Mask

Best Skin Care Choice For New Generation

For Beloved Girl Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask Series

cloud silk mask series

For Beloved Girl Major Mineral Ingredients

major mineral ingredients

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