Recently, I have found a perfect gift that can be gifted to my loved ones for many occasions – festive seasons, such as Christmas, thanksgiving, and even personal occasions, like birthdays, house warming, anniversaries! It is the scented gifts in many different forms, from Lynk Artisan.

Scents are so important in our lives. It recreates an environment and lightens our mood all the time. It can help to relax and release tension from the daily stress at work; it can make the day with our lovers more romantic and intimate; it can also make the environment more pleasing and welcoming to carry out the daily activities.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Festive - Lynk Artisan

Scented Candles Set the Mood For The Place

I love their scented candles, and they have many unique mixtures of scents, and they have specific scents for different occasions too! All the scented candles are made with their signature 100% palm wax and coconut oil blend, and are thoughtfully hand poured in Singapore! This is the neroli and jasmine flavour and I love how it looks too! Perfect for gifts.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Festive - Lynk Artisan

Room Spray With Luxurious Fragrance

One of my super favourite scents is the Rose + Ylang Ylang room spray. Even my partner agrees that it smells very good. The slight flowery and a tinge of sweet scent was inhaled well into my scent. Instantly, it makes me feel like I am in a conducive and well-furnished environment.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Festive - Lynk Artisan

Pillow Spray Helps Me To Sleep Better

Another way that I added scent into my daily routine was using pillow spray. Scents sometimes help one to sleep better. I would not use candles when I am sleeping. Using pillow spray will work better for me!

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Festive - Lynk Artisan

Handy Scented Hand Sanitiser And Mask Freshener

Similarly, Lynk Artisan has well scented hand sanitiser and mask freshener! The hand sanitiser was gentle on my skin, and it does not feel dry or sticky after using it. My hand smells really good, like I had just used a block of nice fragrant hand soap. It is also very handy and I can bring the hand sanitiser anywhere I go! The mask freshener lightened up my mood every time I wore a mask. Honestly, I don’t like to wear masks but the mask freshener does make things better. These three fragrances are great and they smell like luxurious hotels.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Festive - Lynk Artisan

Enjoyable Bath With Shower Steamer

I had wonderful bath sessions with Lavender Shower Steamer (https://lynkartisan.com/products/lavender-shower-steamer). I never knew that such fuss free and simple bath scent existed! I simply placed some shower steamer at the corner of bathrooms that are less often sprinkle with water, and my bathroom smells great. It made me feel like I was bathing in a luxurious bathroom.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Festive - Lynk Artisan

I am sure anyone will love these scented products, and it gives me every opportunity to make my environment smell good, and I feel good all the time with them!

About Lynk Artisan

Lynk Artisan is a Singapore-based, all-natural scent company catered to enthusiasts who enjoy aroma-driven mood enhancers to beautify their environments. They believe scents and fragrance are an extension of one’s personality and style.

They believe in creating high quality, cleaner burning options, with accessible price points. Their signature candles are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and made lovingly with 100% natural palm and coconut wax concoction. 

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