What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of honey?

It’s obvious that this delectable liquid not only tastes great in teas, cocktails and cold beverages, but it also gives a rich flavour to your baked goods. As one of the oldest natural sweeteners on the planet, this precious elixir is valued for its many uses, especially its antioxidant, antibacterial and cleansing properties.

When I was invited to try Bernard Cassière’s award-winning Honey Oxygenating Treatment, I couldn’t stop thinking about the song, Everything is Honey, from the movie Winnie the Pooh:

Everything is honey, everywhere I see,
Everything is honey, and that’s quite alright with me.

And I couldn’t agree more! A beauty treatment that offers the benefits of this superfood? Count me in! Truth be told, my dull and dehydrated skin has been hankering for that illusive radiance and I was told that the Honey Oxygenating Treatment promises to revive and brighten skin in just an hour and 15 minutes.

This pampering facial, which garnered the H. Pierantoni 2007 Innovation award, might just be what every working woman and/or mum needs: A quick pick-me-up to indulge in during lunch break or while waiting for the kids to finish their enrichment lessons.

Sweet Surrender

When I arrive at Efflorescence located in United Square, I am greeted by Bernard Cassiere Trainer, May from BeauLAB (SEA) Pte. Ltd. BeauLAB SEA is the exclusive brand distribution of Bernard Cassiere in Singapore and they specialise in delivering the top and finest skincare products to beauty salons and spas in the region.

Efflorescence located in United Square


Before she begins the treatment, she first prepares an acacia honey drink and tells me to consume it. This is to help me relax. Next, using sesame seed oil, my therapist starts working on the tension knots and sore muscles around the shoulder area.

Now, the real work begins. May starts by slathering my face with cleansing milk to help prep my skin for the treatments that follow. This keeps the skin soft and supple to allow better absorption of the lotions that are to be applied. Next, May uses a toner to remove any traces of makeup and impurities. The toners floral-fruity scent uplifts the mood and brings memories of a rose garden.

May assures me that Bernard Cassière’s products are mainly composed of natural ingredients and plant extracts, which are specifically designed to combat various skin woes.

Next, she proceeds to examine my face and finds small patches of red and dry skin. She then begins a series of facial massages, which includes the honey-and-sugar scrub to clear away any oil, dead skin and grime as well as unblock the pores. She explains that honey calms inflammation and promotes skin healing and regeneration, while sugar exfoliates the skin.

The Star Treatment

Next, she begins the star treatment: A foamy mousse mask mixed with acacia honey that leaves a cool and refreshing feeling on the skin. The mask is left on for 20 minutes, and during that time, May does another round of massage to knead away any remaining knots around the neck and shoulders.

Her deft movements coupled with the soothing music not only made the whole process tremendously therapeutic, it also lulled me into tranquillity. After the mask is removed, May ends the process with a soothing moisturiser and sunscreen.

The result? Skin looks visibly brighter, radiant and rejuvenated. Now, how sweet is that!

Bernard Cassire Home Oxygenating treatment


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