How many of us remember the countless emotions we experienced that we found out that we were entering into motherhood?

I remembered clearly that I was having a mixture of joy and anxiety when I knew I was expecting. It’s exciting to have our little bundle of joy; however, it was not always pure excitement. Overwhelming emotions were everywhere, especially when I knew major changes had to be done to my usual routine as well as mentally preparing myself that my body will change physically. One of the biggest fears that I experienced was the chances of having stretch marks. The thought of I may have the chances of experienced pregnancy stretched marks on my body still take a hit on my self-esteem. 

Having a great support and pampering is essential, especially during this period of time. Simply because, a happy mom also means a happy growing baby! Instead of focusing on my worries, I decided to channel my energy to taking good care of my skin even more diligently, which includes my body skin care. I remembered that I became a loyal fan of my all-time favourite skincare product – Bio-oil® skincare oil. Even my mom has been a great fan of using Bio-oil® skincare oil for years ever since the brand entry into Singapore’s Market as we both witnessed the effectiveness of how Bio-oil® skincare oil has helped us in not just reducing our scars but also even out our skin tone.

Beautiful Belly and Happy Mom - The Next Big Thing In Pregnancy

Entrusting my pregnancy journey with Bio-oil® skincare (Natural)

Back then, I remembered that I was on a trip with my sister at Philippines in the year 2012. We were chilling at Boracay Beach and it was so interesting to see many people getting a henna tattoo along the beach. Decided to join in the fun, we both get a henna tattoo done as well. I had a pretty big design on my back and arms, and I thought it was looking so cool.

However, I started to find my skin getting itchy and uncomfortable the next day, and I just had to wash it off instead of waiting for it to flake and fell off itself. However, it was still too late. I was crying in the shower as I saw how badly damaged my skin with the big white scar. It was an horrible experienced for me as having that big patch of scar made me feel disfigured.

The first thing I did when I went back to Singapore was to make a trip to the clinic to see a doctor. The doctor mentioned that the scar may not fade away as it was due to a chemical burnt by the substances in henna which I could be allergic to, and such substance was also commonly found in hair dye. I went home crying for days because I felt so ugly with those scars and tried to hide those scars with my clothing. It was truly upsetting as I had friends making fun and commenting on my scars.

Henna tattoo on my back (Before scarring)   

Henna tattoo on my arm (Before scarring)

It was days later that my mom bought home a bottle of Bio-oil® skincare oil and asked me to try applying it as it claimed to fade the appearance of scars. I was not feeling hopeful about it at all but I still apply it daily day and night. To my surprise, the scar eventually faded off after months of applying and till now, it was hardly there anymore! (Disclaimer: I did not have a picture of my scar previously as it was too painful for me to even look at the scar at that time). 

Thinking back of how my scar was treated well with the constant usage of Bio-oil® skincare oil, I was even certain to have to this product as part of my pregnancy skincare journey. 

Recently on 28th October 2021, Bio-oil® skincare oil celebrates its 10th year in Singapore with a latest addition to the range Skincare Oil (Natural). As a skincare fan, I was even more excited to know that Bio-oil® Skincare Oil (Natural) is made with 100% natural ingredients such as Sunflower seed oil, which are a great source of vitamin E and antioxidants to help combat redness and skin irritations. With pomegranate seed oil, it also helps to regenerate our skin cells and fading of scars! The best part is it is clinically proven to suit all skin types, even sensitive skin! It is also really affordable without feeling a pinch in your pocket.

Beautiful Belly and Happy Mom - The Next Big Thing In Pregnancy

New range of Bio-oil® Skincare Oil(Natural)

I love how it absorb fast into my skin and a natural smelling scent from the couple of essential oil. I started applying it twice a day since the first trimester of my pregnancy without failed. Of course I would make sure to exfoliate my skin once a week as well to make sure that the oil gets absorbed more effectively into my skin. As of now, I was already into my 5 months of pregnancy and I’m glad I still see a pretty baby bump. Here’s what I like to do with incorporating Bio-oil® Skincare Oil (Natural) into my daily routine. 

Step 1: Apply drops of oil on your palm.

Step 2: Warm up the oil by rubbing it in your palm.

Step 3: Start rubbing the oil around your tummy in one direction. 

There you’re done, so simple right?!

Beautiful Belly and Happy Mom - The Next Big Thing In Pregnancy

Belly skin care with Bio-oil® Skincare (Natural)

Truth is, most of us will experience stretch marks not just during pregnancy but also from other factors such as puberty and weight fluctuations (as mentioned from MedicalNewsToday). I can never be sure that I can be the lucky few that do not experienced stretch marks, but I can certainly pamper my skin by keeping it moisturised and hydrated to reduce the chances of it. 

I have great confidence that Bio-oil® Skincare Oil (Natural) will be one of my top trusted products in my pregnancy journey. I hope that with this sharing, it will be helpful for you in your motherhood journey too! Embrace every little milestone and celebrate YOU! Mommy, you deserve the best and a good pampering session! You may check out this affordable range exclusively on their official store via Shoppe or find out more from their official website

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About BIO-OIL ® 

Proudly South African, Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil was created in 1987 by Dieter Beier, a German
chemist who researched for many years to develop a skincare product that could help
relieve his persistently dry skin condition. Beier’s breakthrough formulation with Bio-Oil®
Skincare Oil was a revolutionary product formulated using vitamins and plant oils suspended in an oil base, therefore, keeping the potency of the ingredients, without the use of preservatives.

First launched in South Africa, Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil successfully helped with stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone, amassing the brand its loyal following. Within five years, Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil was the No. 1 selling scars and stretch marks product in South Africa. To-date, it is available in over 200 countries. Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil has won over 400skincare awards and has become the top-selling scars and stretch marks product in 25

After 30 years in the skincare industry, Bio-Oil® launched its second product, Dry Skin Gel
in 2019. This is another revolutionary product that replaces the water content usually found
in cream formulations with oil, locking in moisture more effectively.

2021 marks Bio-Oil®’s 10th year in Singapore, since the brand’s entry into the Singapore
market in 2011. To-date, it has won over 24 awards and sold close to 1 million bottles
locally. Bio-Oil® is an essential brand in every medicine cabinet and is available at all leading pharmacies, departmental stores, selected hospitals in Singapore as well as in your
favourite e-commerce stores. For more information, visit biooilsingapore.com.

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