Sing With A Live Band

I am sure many of us have always wondered what it would feel like to be a celebrity singer when he or she holds a concert with a live band! It meant also be a dream for some of us to stand on a stage to sing in front of a crowd, especially supporters! Karaoke sessions have become one of Singaporeans’ hobbies these days but never before have we sang out hearts out with a live band playing the chords behind out backs! 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live BandThe Ladies Cue Family headed to Bistro8 that is conveniently located at Cineleisure Level 8, a 5-minute walk from Somerset MRT.  The buffet restaurant and bar offers a delicious experience with their menu featuring Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisine and bites. Bistro8 opens from 11am to 830pm. After which, BandKara starts from 9pm till late! 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live BandBandKara is an authentic Japanese live band karaoke restaurant and bar concept from Tokyo. It is a popular activity in Japan that provides individuals the opportunity to sing popular karaoke songs in front of an audience accompanied by a live band. With over 250,000 songs, I am extremely sure that everyone will have a chance to stand on the stage and sing to their hearts’ content!

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live BandThe live band is so well equipped to play any song choices that we wanted as well we from any genre regardless of language! The Ladies Cue Family started with Chinese songs, followed by English as well as Japanese songs! The band really enhanced the experience on stage! I got to know that if you enjoy playing musical instruments, you are free to bring your own if you would like to!

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live Band, Shingo, Drummer, Sho, Bassist, Kaito, GuitaristThe professional band members have come all the way from all over Japan with different musical backgrounds to perform and allow the confident singer inside to be unleashed.

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live BandKaito Kawade, 24, is a guitarist and currently works for his own band “MinorWorks”, while providing live support for artists, recording and guitar instructors. He started playing the guitar at the age of 16 and admired X Japan. Kaito then entered a music school after winning their contest and he was also on the cover of a magazine. 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live Bandjima, 29, is a bassist from “Arbil City”, which has released albums and singles throughout Japan. As a bassist, he has supported major artists and voice actors, and has performed in opening character songs for smartphone apps, girl games, and composing ending songs. Sho also released two albums as a support base for his label artist “KentKakitsubata” after working at a DTM and a composer vocational school. 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live BandDrummer Shingo Okada, 33, started playing the drums at the age of 10 and formed a band called CLUTCH at 16. When he was 19, he made an indie debut on a television program audition and proceeded to release albums and singles throughout Japan. At 23, he had over 120 live shows a year, and had appeared in many university festivals and adult ceremonies. By 25, he made his major debut in Avex, and was selected to perform for theme songs in anime such as “Major”, “Initial D”, “Transformers Prime”, and “Battle Spirits”. Since then, Okada is a manager and a drummer at Ebisu BippAra, where he helps produce new artists. 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Japanese Live Band, Live BandBandKara is similar to a collaborative space where music enthusiasts come together to enjoy playing music, performing and simply have fun. Everyone can have a good time at BandKara, by reliving their dreams as a superstar, or just by chilling and enjoying the live performances for those not performing.

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, FoodSome of The Ladies Cue Family who were shy to sing wanted to chill and indulge in some good food. Its awesome to realise that BandKara offers delicious menu that satisfies the late-night hunger with these signature dishes like:

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Food

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Food

  1. Super Mario ($9.90) as a plate of fried buttoned mushrooms,
  2. Japanese Chix ($13.90) as a plate of piping hot Chicken Teriyaki Pizza,
  3. Curly, Curly ($9.90) a mouth-watering dish of Truffle Curly Fries,
  4. Chicken, Prawn or Me ($10.90) a classic twist of Prawn Paste Chicken
  5. Hot & Sexy? ($10.90) a plate of hot and spicy mid-joints,
  6. Hay, Hay, Hay ($10.90) a plate of deep fried ebi

Recommended drinks to to pair up with such mouth-watering dishes are:

For the light-drinkers: 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Tokyo Iced Tea

  1. Tokyo Iced Tea (S$8) – contains 11% alcohol content, contains House Vodka (Absolute Blue), House Rum, House Gin, House Tequila, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour Mix, Sprite, Melon Liquor 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Tequila, Tequila Sunrise2. Tequila Sunrise ($9) – contains S7% alcohol content, House Tequila, Grenadine Syrup, Orange Juice

For the non-drinkers:

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Shirley Temple
1. Shirley Temple (S$4.80) – contains Lemon juice, Grenadine syrup 

BandKara, Cineleisure Orchard, Lychee Ribena Soda

2. Lychee Ribena Soda (S$4.80) – contains Ribena syrup, Soda water)

If you would like to head over to enjoy BandKara, their hourly charges for are:

• $20 per person from 9PM – 11PM

• $25 per person from 11PM to closing

And for large group of friends and family who plans to stay into the late night, table charges are:

• $500 per table from 9PM – 3AM (Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday, and Public Holiday)

• $500 per table from 12AM – 6AM (Friday – Saturday, and Eve of Public Holiday)

A piece of good news for you!

BandKara will be offering 1 free drink (alcohol/non- alcohol) to their first 500 customers! Unwind and chill at BandKara with your favourite band of friends and step on the stage to release that superstar that’s been kept in for too long! BandKara by Bistro8 is also available for booking for private events, birthday celebrations, corporate functions. Simply email [email protected] for more information!

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