My Heart Goes Out to His Family and Loved Ones 

Singapore actor Aloysius Pang has departed our world on 23 January 2019. It is almost a year since we lost a filial son, a brother and a great friend. 

Noontalk Media held a memorial at their office to commemorate his work on 5 January 2020. His brother and peers shared their encounters with him and how he had impacted their lives. It was evident that he was a virtuous person as everyone spoke only good about him.

As I was attending the memorial with almost 200 people in the studio, I dare not imagine how his family had to cope with their loss. It breaks my heart to know that you can no longer see or hear him anymore. I am certain it will not be easy for any family to go through these tough moments.

I learnt a lot from Aloysius Pang. Even though I have not met him before, my biggest takeback from him is to pay it forward with kindness; stay focused and contented. He comes to me as someone who is well balanced, well behaved and holds a strong set of personal values. I believe he had made multiple mistakes in his life. I mean, who’s perfect? But I know he is one man that always had his mistakes reflected and would force himself to change as he constantly seeks improvement so that he could bring out the better version of himself. 

Noontalk Media’s founder Dasmond Koh wrote a song to express his heartfelt feelings towards the loss of Aloysius (Watch the MV here). I could feel the struggle and the agony of losing someone so close to his heart. Afterall, he watched him grow up to a fine young man. I respect Dasmond for taking time and courage to face this and even penning down his thoughts.

Many said that they came to him for advice. And what better advice can be given than by someone who has walked through his own sets of tough times, and got out of it. I guessed he saw a complicated world in the most simple way that he could. If we could all be like him, we wouldn’t be in the state of comparison and envy. Many of us indirectly harmed ourselves by putting our own achievements out there, in comparison with a specific friend, a specific family or it could even be a specific idol. We are conscious about it. Only with a contented heart, a heart filled with gratitude of the simplest things in life, we can remove these temptations and comparisons. 

For that, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Aloysius’ friends and family for sharing about Aloysius. He left us a big lesson on top of his legacy, and let’s treat everyone with kindness and respect. That is what the world needs now.

Click here for Aloysius Pang Memorial by Noon Talk Media.