A Scent-sible Surprise: Why Buy Full-Sized Perfume Bottles When You Can Try 100 Different Scents At A Fraction of The Price?

We all know that gifting perfume can be risky. Not scent-sible, some might say.

It is as presentable as a bottle of wine, but way too intimate, and everyone has their own preferences. So chances are if you don’t already know what the other person likes, you’re probably going to get it wrong – and the last thing we want to see is someone’s face falling as they unwrap their gift. Ouch.

But what if we told you that you could sidestep this, and build the perfect signature fragrance kit? A 3-in-1 kit curated from a selection of authentic luxury fragrances, including those from brands like Versace, Issey Miyake, and Carolina Herrera – all without breaking the bank.

Singapore’s first and only monthly perfume subscription service, I’VRE (pronounced eev-reh) allows you to explore as many scents as you want, from an extensive catalogue of authentic luxury fragrances.

A Scent-sible Surprise with I'VRE Monthly Perfume Subscription Service

I’VRE’s handy atomiser bottles, which can contain 8 millilitres of perfume, equivalent to 120 sprays

This month also marks I’VRE’s relaunch with an expanded scent catalogue consisting of more than 100 different luxury scents – more than twice the number since their initial launch in October 2022!

What’s more, for those who are looking to try new fragrances without committing to full-sized bottles, the homegrown brand will be introducing its varied perfume subscription service, which allows customers to choose up to 3 scent atomisers monthly. Each atomiser contains 8 millilitres of perfume. That means 120 sprays, equivalent to roughly a month’s worth of use.

The subscription can be modified anytime you like, from the number of atomisers to choosing different scents or even cancelling it altogether.

A Scent-sible Surprise with I'VRE Monthly Perfume Subscription Service

A Scent-sible Surprise with I’VRE Monthly Perfume Subscription Service

With their relatively small size, these atomisers can be tucked perfectly in pockets, small pouches, or bags, making it easier for reapplication throughout the day. When travelling, these pocket-sized fragrances can be handily toted around, for that extra spritz and confidence boost!

Having just relaunched its products this month, I’VRE plans to establish itself at the forefront of the fragrance industry in Singapore with its varied perfume subscription service. Since its inception in October 2022, I’VRE sold out its 160 boxes within the first 2 weeks, and from January 2023, I’VRE will be expanding its collection of unique luxury scents by 25 new fragrances monthly, providing customers with a greater variety of fragrances to choose from.

A Scent-sible Surprise with I'VRE Monthly Perfume Subscription Service

New scents offered by I’VRE as part of their perfume subscription service – including those from luxury brands such as Malin+Goetz, Cartier, and Nateeva

About I’VRE

I’VRE is Singapore’s first and only fragrance subscription service, with a mission to inspire each and every individual to express themselves with the power of scent. With more than 100 authentic luxury fragrances in its catalogue, I’VRE offers consumers the opportunity to purchase and curate a fragrance collection unique to them, while reducing costs and minimising wastage. I’VRE is Singaporean’s fragrance destination, a single place to discover new scents whilst uncovering a new and confident you. For more information, please visit https://www.ivre.sg/.

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