Our Lips. Soft and sexy as it can be, usually best known as a sensory organ that can be an erogenous zone when used in kissing and other acts of intimacy. Many have forgotten that our lips help in the articulation of sound and speech that aids in our daily communication. One of our many organs that is highly neglected, alongside with our Liver, Kidneys and Intestines! 

As a part of our aging process, we would have noticed that our lips tend to thin due to the slow down of its collagen production. Our once upon a time voluminous lips becomes flat, making us look old and and tired. The unavoidable lip lines (vertical wrinkles) that form around our mouth not only give away our age, but they even make us look older than we are! Living in Singapore makes anti aging tougher as we are exposed to an unlimited amount of sunshine which causes our lips to be dry and flake from these sun damages. Nothing screams youth like a set of nourished and smooth lips! I have yet to include unwelcomed hair growth due to change in hormones, particularly in the upper lip area during menopause. It is definitely not easy to overcome these, so here I have some tips to share for the care of our lips! 


Vitamins and other nutrients reflect directly on the condition of our lips. It is essential for us to stay on a healthy diet to have a set of lovely lips! A lack of Vitamin B would cause a variety of skin problems and this includes split lips and dryness.  Low levels of zinc and iron can also lead to split lips, especially at the corners of the mouth. You may find Vitamin B from food sources such as eggs, avocados and brown rice. I tend to eat more greens not only to achieve great skin, but also for the maintenance of good health. So if we can, lets try to avoid processed food choices and opt for home cooked food. Take some time out to put love into making food that are great for the ourselves!


Many of us tend to focus so much on our skin, that we forget to use the make up remover on our lips. Even though the lipstick colour may not remain on our lips at the end of our day, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any chemical left overs. An accumulation of lipstick chemicals would increase the amount of dead skin on our lips and that would reduce the rejuvenation of our lips, making them thin and unhealthy. Our lips need to be able to breathe by being clear. To solve this dead skin accumulation issue that I know cannot be dealt with just by home remedies, I visit Allure Beauty to do my favourite Nano technology lip treatment  (they are the very first in Singapore). This treatment is also widely used in medical fields and that gave me a peace of mind when I tried it for the first time. It helps the lips to shine, adds moisture, and promotes lips’ elasticity, allowing the lips to return to a full and moist state. Right now I do not use that much lipstick as my natural lip colour has returned and it was goodbye to pale and unhealthy lips! Choose from Nano Lips Enhance or Nano Lip Infusion to match your lifestyle and needs.


Constantly licking our lips can cause drying and further cracking and splitting. I know it looks and feels so much better after having a layer of salvia moisturising our lips. However we all have to know that this is only temporary. Carrying a water bottle daily is what I do to replace the habits of licking my lips. Increasing our fluid (caffeine-free) intake keeps our body and lips hydrated. Limiting alcohol is key since it can act as a diuretic and promotes excessive urination. Excessive alcohol intake can worsen dehydration and that is definitely not what we want to do if we want to have healthy and youthful lips.


The air around us (especially with air conditioned places) tends to dry out our lips while we are awake, let alone when we are asleep. I make sure that I apply a heavy and hydrating lip cream every night before I sleep. This would allow lips to be supple the moment we are awake and it will be so much easier to apply a thin layer of lip colour if necessary or just leave home looking fresh with just a thin layer of lip balm! I use the lip cream that is provided by Allure Beauty because it is all natural and it doesn’t feel sticky even if I had applied a thick layer of on my lips. This makes it comfortable for me to sleep without worrying that I might stain the pillow sheets.


There are scientific evidences which suggest that being happy will bring major benefits to our health. Being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle that can help combat stress, boost our immune system, and create youth (increasing our life expectancy). It is difficult, it truly is, to be living in Singapore and to have to lead the lifestyle that we have. But it is possible. I stay positive my putting myself in the right environment, mixing with positive people, and learning how to let go of situations that cannot be controlled. I learnt how to share what I feel with friends and explore different advices that others provide because I know we are all human and we need each other’s support to get through any and every stage of our lives. I appreciate simple things around me and focus on giving instead of taking. “Service to humanity is the best work of life”, I have a t-shirt that states this and that is also a way to remind myself that life is all about perspectives and perceptions. Stay happy and I am sure our lips will show the bliss in us! 

I hope you enjoyed reading these 5 tips for lips, I hope to hear your comments and do share your own tips for lips so we can all learn from each other! 



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