Accept or not, all of us will reach this “golden age” of 40 one day. In Singapore, when you get that Elder Shield letter, the reality strikes hard and we realize that oh! 40 almost or 40 already or 40+ soon etc…

For ladies, it is even harder to accept that they are not that young at least in the conventional meaning of that word. (Or may be for men also, it must be equally hard-hitting to hit 40. Don’t know. Must ask hubby more on this.)

Well, after that initial denial phase, sooner or later the feeling of going on 40 sinks in slowly. No choice! This post is again free flow of my thoughts as a lady, as a wife and as a mom. Those of you who are reaching 40 soon or already 40+ will relate am quite sure. Those who are still young turks in 20s and 30s, do read too because time flies…

Does anything change really?

Yes and No! Obviously each passing year definitely leaves its impact on us. Those fine lines, those dark circles don’t come overnight. Physical changes start to become more prominent when you are nearing 40 as my experience says. It does depend on your genes and overall quality of life but sagging skin, droopy cheeks is pretty natural. We can prolong it and keep it at bay as much as we can; thanks to modern beauty treatments and products. Though you can’t totally avoid the physical changes that make you look “old” or feel lack-luster. Also, the so-called lifestyle diseases find this opportunity of 40 to creep in and attack our body.

Equally important if not more are the mental changes we have to worry about. Mid-Life crisis, depression and what-not can affect our mental frame. Human mind is unknown even to humans so I would say watch out for this more.

Tackling changes

Once you know that you can’t go back in time or that fountain of youth doesn’t exist, starts the process to tackle the changes, take them head on and turn the time in favor of you.

They have always said that 40 is the age where life actually begins. Quite true because you are more or less settled in life. Study, career, job, marriage, kids – you have already passed a few phases of life successfully and can take it easy a bit.

All I mean to say is that you can definitely find some time to pay attention to yourself. When you spend time on yourself, things can be seen in clear perspective and you realize that hey, 40s is actually Fun!

Thinking Out of the Box

This is the age to break the glass ceiling if you haven’t broken it before and think out of the box. For things that were always on your bucket list and in the rollercoaster of life you never got time to do, late 30s and 40s is THE time to try them out.

Visit a country that you always wanted to visit or Pick up a new hobby or venture. Be adventurous and think out of the box. Ladies, if not now then when?

Age is just a number

With all the right attitude, you will truly believe that age is just a number. I mean if you are born, you will keep growing, your age will keep increasing. No one can stop that but how to tackle that is upto us.

If you keep feeling old, you will look even older, that’s what I believe.

If someone asks you that most uncomfortable question – what’s your age? Just say, 16++!

Why I feel that 40 is New 10?

Life begins at 40, 40 is New 20 – these are the quotes we all have heard often. I would like to say that 40 is New 10 actually.

Now a days, we get married late, kids come at a late age and for me that has worked like a tonic! My elder daughter has just entered her teen and younger one is still in preschool. These little ones keep me on my toes and I can’t help but be like them! Crack silly jokes, learn newest (and weird) fashion trends, games, lingo – there is so much to learn from kids. Their thought process is so fresh and that can give a facelift to your own way of thinking.

So my dear friends, rock this age too. Live it up and love it up!

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