There is probably nothing that makes you more anxious yet excited at the same time than trying to choose the perfect name for your newborn. From choosing something classy without following the herd to picking something exquisite, is quite a lot at stake.

The responsibility of creating the identity of your baby holds quite a bit of pressure! You only get a shot to pick a good one. Therefore, it is common for parents to contemplate for months on a name that will suit their little bundle of joy.

While it is important to choose a name that you and your partner would not get tired of, a good name can be a valuable asset to your newborn and set him or her up for success! Hence, parents tend to put thorough thought into selecting the best name for their children.

“A good name is better than riches.”

A good name can influence your baby’s luck, personality, destiny and even your parenting style, to attract opportunities. Yuan Zhong Siu is the leading Feng Shui consultancy firm, committed to giving your baby the best Chinese name to complement and enhance your little angel’s personality for a great start in life. Selecting an auspicious Chinese name is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Pre-submit The Necessary Information

After carting out Yuan Zhong Siu’s selection of an auspicious name, you can submit the necessary information face-to-face or online:

  • Chinese names of parents
  • Chinese names and gender of your baby’s siblings (if any) – this is to avoid duplication
  • Preferred Chinese character(s), or Chinese character(s) to avoid (if any)
  • Specific Chinese character(s) based on the family traditions/genealogy (if any)

Yuan Zhong Siu will do their best to fulfill all requests; however, there are possibilities that your preferences might affect the idealness of the name. In that case, Grand Master Hillary Phang will use his expertise to pick the best combination of Chinese characters based on your baby’s birth information. Therefore, the lesser the restrictions, the easier it will be to pick the best names.

Step 2: Inform Them Of The Birth Date And Time Of Your Baby

Call or text your customer service representative from Yuan Zhong Siu after the birth of your baby to inform the birth date and time according to the birth certificate. It is advisable to provide the date & time of birth as stated on the baby’s birth certificate as compared to in Chinese calendar as there may be errors during conversion.

Step 3: Sit Back And Await Your Report!

The baby naming report will be ready in 5 working days. Whether you are after a traditional name or a unique one, Yuan Zhong Siu’s Baby Naming Service has given many choices where parents can choose that special name for their child. The comprehensive name report will include 5-7 Chinese characters; all names are selected by Grand Master Hillary Phang, founder of Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui.

Grand Master Phang uses the principles of Chinese metaphysics and the Five Elements Principle to customize the names. Each name harness the best energies in order to boost your child’s potential. The combination of these factors helps ensure that the name is blessed by the Heaven and Earth factors.

What Is An Auspicious Name?

The approach to selecting a suitable name for your baby can be a rigorous one. An auspicious name should not have conflicting elements amongst the Chinese characters. Ideally, it should also complement the baby’s destiny chart. According to Chinese traditions, the baby’s Chinese surname will follow his or her dad. We ensure that the other Chinese characters in the name do not clash with its surname. An auspicious name will determine the energy flow, affecting how one thinks and acts, which affects the performances and successes in one’s personal and professional life.

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About Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui Consultancy

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Customer welfare revolves around Yuan Zhong Siu, which is evident in the numerous awards received to symbolize the trust of their clientele. Yuan Zhong Siu stays committed to going above and beyond to enhance their services and quality standards to meet the growing demand of their customers, as well as strives to be your one-stop solution for Feng Shui to add value to every individual’s life. 

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