With the holiday season in full swing and some vacation plans up in the air, we thought we  would put together a list of amazing Summer festivals (and affordable accommodations) in sunny New South Wales for merrymakers looking to get the most bang for their buck. Singaporean partygoers and music lovers can indulge in the greatest beats, eats and treats over a priceless Summer without breaking the bank!  

1. Fairgrounds Festival, South Coast

    6th to 7th December 2019

Situated in the idyllic town of Berry, the Fairgrounds Festival harks back to festivals of the 70’s with gourmet eats, artisan markets, intimate artist experiences and craft workshops. In its fourth year running, the event is an intimate festival experience hosting a carefully curated line-up of international and local artists like The Pinheads, Lenka and Liam Gallagher. You can enjoy locally-sourced gourmet food and premium wines, and indulge in a luxurious glamping experience for that extra special something.

 Tickets are priced from SGD 23 for children, SGD 56 for youth and SGD 83 for adults

Affordable accommodation can be found just a 10 minute walk away from the festival at the Berry Hotel for SGD 93 a night (2 pax)


2. Good Things Festival, Sydney

     7th December 2019

Made for the punks, rockers and metal enthusiasts, Good Things Festival is back to shake up Centennial Park with an exciting line-up of artists including Simple Plan, A Day To Remember, The Veronicas and Bad Religion. Set to take place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane this coming December, this ground-breaking alternative Summer festival promises an unforgettable day of good music and good fun.

Tickets are priced at SGD 167, and can be paid over four instalments of SGD 47

Affordable accommodation can be found just a 20 minute walk away from the festival at The Alison Randwick for SGD 127 a night (2 pax)


3. Lost Paradise, Central Coast

      28th December 2019 to 1st January 2020

Lost Paradise is returning to the suburbs of Glenworth Valley for the sixth year running. This extravagant Summer festival is the  perfect way for music lovers to ring in the new year, featuring crowd favourites such as The Jungle Giants, Green Velvet, Hilltop Hoods and Golden Features. Visitors can also take part in yoga and healing arts workshops in Shambhala Fields, as well as the annual Fancy Dress Parade for New Year’s Eve. 

Tickets for 3-day passes are priced at SGD 360

Save on cash by pitching a tent in the general camping area with no additional charge


4. Parkes Elvis Festival, Central West

       8th to 12th January

Coinciding with Elvis Presley’s birthday, the iconic Parkes Elvis Festival is an annual favourite event among locals and tourists alike, featuring more than 200 exciting events across a span of five days. The festival celebrates the music and legend of the King of Rock and Roll, and visitors can participate in festival markets, boogie woogie dance classes, and themed activities Elvis Karaoke, Elvis Gospel Service and Elvis Trivia.

Tickets are priced between SGD 57 to SGD 161

Affordable accommodation can be found just a 10 minute walk away from the festival at Hotel Gracelands for SGD 130 a night (2 pax)

5. Sydney Festival, Sydney

     8th to 26th January

Held every January, the prestigious Sydney Festival gives visitors the chance to kick off the new year with an exciting selection of international acts and audacious contemporary programming. Known as the greatest artists’ festival in all of Australia, some highly anticipated events include mesmerising dance performances by renowned dance companies like Colossus and avant-garde choreographer Dana Gingras; as well as a line up of extraordinary theatre shows such as Joan Didion’s The White Album; the Dead

Puppet Society’s Laser Beak Man; and Cassavete’s cult movie classic Opening Night.

Tickets are priced between SGD 36 to SGD 46

Affordable accommodation can be found just a 10 minute walk away from the festival at Megaboom City Hotel for SGD 92 a night

Enjoy ladies! <3

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