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One Good Card 一好卡


Sold By: The Ladies Cue | Ladies Club Supporting Women Across Asia


One Good Card has a built-in wireless chip that transmits your profile to the receiver’s phones via Near-Field Communication (NFC). A simple tap or hovering the card near the phone will open your fully-customisable profile. Older model phones without NFC can scan the QR code with their camera to view the profile.

Personalize the cards with your name.

Include your full name, given name, or even a nickname! You also have the option to add in an additional line (job title, number, email) for most designs. It is suitable for all! It does not matter if you are a successful businesswoman, self-employed personnel, or a social media talent/ influencer! Make use of this digital card to bring your name/ brand to the next level!

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How long does the delivery take?

One Good Card’s super-efficient print tea fulfills your cards within 2 days from the date of purchase and hands them over to the delivery couriers subsequently.

Estimated delivery time varies depending on the choice of courier:
Normal Mail: 3 – 10 working days after order fulfillment
Express Delivery: 3 – 5 working days after order fulfillment

Data Security? 

One Good Card regards your data security with utmost importance. Their servers are currently hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which maintains a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is encrypted at rest which uses AES-256 encryption algorithm that is virtually impenetrable. Click here to learn more on the encryption. All incoming and outgoing traffic is secured and encrypted.

They do not ask for your sensitive information on their platform and do not restrict you to display any information. It is entirely up to you. For example, if you do not wish to show your phone number, simply do not input and your phone number will never be displayed. The fields that you choose to display are only modifiable by you.

一好卡(One Good Card)具有内置的无线芯片,可通过近场通信(NFC)将您的个人资料传输到接收者的电话中。 只需点按一下或将鼠标悬停在电话旁的卡上,即可打开您完全可自定义的个人资料。 没有NFC的旧型号手机可以使用相机扫描QR码以查看个人资料。


包括您的全名,名字,甚至昵称! 对于大多数设计,您还可以选择添加其他行(职位,编号,电子邮件)。 它适合所有人! 无论您是成功的女商人,自雇人员还是社交媒体人才/影响者,都没问题! 利用此数字卡将您的名字/品牌提升到一个新的高度!







一好卡非常重视您的数据安全性。 他们的服务器目前托管在Amazon Web Services(AWS)上,该Web服务维护着先进的基础架构,该基础架构在静态状态下进行了加密,并使用了几乎无法渗透的AES-256加密算法。 单击此处以了解有关加密的更多信息。 所有传入和传出的流量都受到保护和加密。

他们不会在平台上要求您提供敏感信息,也不会限制您显示任何信息。 这完全取决于您。 例如,如果您不想显示您的电话号码,只需不输入,就不会显示您的电话号码。 您选择显示的字段只能由您修改。


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