Hunting for Authentic Izakaya Experience

Recently I just came back from one of my favourite countries, Japan. It is well known for its cleanliness, scenic places, make up stores, well-mannered locals etc.

One thing that kept me going back to Japan is the premium food quality. From how the ingredients are being prepared, to how they present the food, there is an element of pleasant surprise.

I love to go to their authentic Japanese bar also known as Izakaya, where we will sit down for a drink, chit chat and enjoy the casual bites. You know like how tapas bars are iconic in Spain and Irish pubs are must-go in Ireland? In Japan, you got to visit their Izakaya for good food and drinks.

I am glad to have found an authentic Izakaya restaurant located in the quaint and pristine neighbourhood of Tanjong Pagar. Let me introduce you – Torii Izakaya.

If you are looking to hold a company event, birthday party or celebration, Torii Izakaya is a perfect place for 40 people.

Torii Izakaya, was created for the purpose of bringing to life an integral form of Japanese history – through the language of taste! Incorporating traditional elements in today’s world – Torii aims to create a one of a kind modern izakaya experience. Well known for its burst of flavours, Torii is set to excite taste buds for Japanese food lovers, with a twist! Do expect to find unique dishes specially created for Singaporeans.

Assorted Sashimi

You expect nothing less from an authentic Japanese restaurant – The Sashimi is air-flown from Hokkaido. The freshness is maintained and look at how meticulous they are with their plating. Absolutely amazing!

Threesome Sushi

Threesome Sushi is something new to me as I have never tried this combination of sushi before. It consists of Torched Beef, Pan Seared Foie Gras, Uni and steak sauce. Initially, I thought this will be a “ger lat” dish because of the strong flavours. However, it was such a refreshing combination because the flavours were not overpowering. In fact, it was well-balanced. Definitely a must-order when you head to the restaurant!

Top: Aburi Salmon Yuzu Maki; Bottom: Threesome Sushi

Bonded Unagi and Foie Gras

When I first heard of this dish, I was thinking it will be difficult to “bond” these two superior ingredients. To me, Unagi is the King of all fishes in Japan and Foie Gras is the Queen of French cuisine delicacy. As the Chinese saying goes, “一山不容二虎” (One mountain cannot contain two tigers), wouldn’t the King compete with the Queen (in terms of flavour)?

Wow, I was very impressed when I had my first bite! It was a great bond between the King and the Queen and it will leave a deep impression for your Izakaya experience!

Let me tempt you with more mouth-watering photos and allow your eyes enjoy the food before you head down to Torii Izakaya for a feast. Do not forget to pair the food with sake or Suntory whiskey for a complete experience!

Broiled Crab Chowder

Grilled Bone Marrow

Yakitori Platter : Okra, Garlic Crispy Skin, Wings, Salmon Cubes, Wagyu 7 (left to right)

Waygu Sliders, homemade patty with spinach, caramelised onions

Beef Donburi with Truffle

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